Dog Walking and In Home Pet Care Rates

Dog Walking and In Home Dog Sitting Services:

  • One dog – $21 per visit-30 minutes
  • Two dogs – $23 per visit-30 minutes
  • Three dogs – $25 per visit
  • Four dogs – $38 per visit (goes to one hour)
  • Five or more animals – $50 per visit, depending upon needs.
  • Five day a week dog walking with one dog $100 (five visits)
  • One hour visit – $38
  • Rescued your animal? We give you one free visit when you sign up to be a Wisconsin Pet Care customer! (but you still must pay the $105 minimum fee)
  • ADVANCED CARE-For those pets who need a trainer to help your pets work on aggression, leash skills or any behavioral challenges. 30 minutes is $30 and an hour is $60. Lets discuss, as we have limited availability in specific territories.
  • Need us after 9:30 pm for a dog walk (not pet sitting)? Add an additional $10 per walk. This is a courtesy to those who need this.
  • Less than 48 hour scheduling for new clients-$50
  • ROVERnight pet sitting is from 10 pm to 6 am – $100. Includes night walk and morning walk as well as feeding and cuddling/snuggling.
  • Back up plan for other sitters/family members-same as above.
  • Administering medications or giving pills – no extra charge.
  • If you are over 8 miles from our sitter base and we need to make several trips back and forth daily to visit your pets, we charge portal to portal mileage. The cost per mile is .50. This is very typical in Lake Country.

In Home Cat Sitting Services:

  • One to Two Cats – $21 per visit (please note that we require a daily visit with all cats. No exceptions) – 30 minutes
  • Three Cats – $23 – 30 minutes
  • Four Cats-$25- 30 minutes
  • Up to Five cats – $38 per visit -One Hour visit
  • Administering medications or giving pills – no extra charge.
  • Rovernights-$100.00
  • In YOUR home cat care visits include feeding, water refresh, playtime, litter box cleaning, brushing, loving and communication.

In Home Exotic Sitting Services: (Rabbits, Birds and Snakes)

  • One to Two Rabbits, Birds or Snakes – $19 per visit (please note that we require a daily visit with all cats. No exceptions) – 30 minutes
  • More animals than this-call to discuss
  • Administering medications or giving pills – no extra charge.
  • We require daily service for all animals under our care-feathered, furry or scaled.
  • In YOUR home exotic care visits include feeding, water refresh, playtime, feces cleaning and communication.

Minimum Services:

  • To start as a customer, there is a minimum amount of $105 – the equivalent of five visits for a single dog or cat. This amount is worked down as you use our services. Once you have used up the initial amount, you pay as you go. Think of this as a “retainer” which you work down. This money is due at the meet and greet, to be given to your sitter.

We don’t do in home boarding or boarding of any kind. nor offer 24 hour a day live in service in your home.

What you get for your money:

  • A highly skilled and trained professional pet sitter who is insured, bonded and pet first aid certified.  All our employees have had a professional background check before being hired. New hires have recently been screened for their honesty, work ethic and more by a system called the PEP evaluation. Our ratio of resume to hire is 35 to 1. We are extremely particular who we bring into our business-and who will be coming into your home! Many of the team comes from the vet field-or behavioral backgrounds or doggie day care-not just people who like pets. They KNOW pets!
  • The peace of mind that if that primary sitter is ill, on vacation, or held up caring for another animal, that a backup sitter will be there, so your pets are not left waiting. Recently, one of our sitters drove 65 miles to care for a puppy who needed us.
  • Full liability insurance. If your pet is attacked by chance by another dog OUR insurance covers it-not your own.
  • Indemnity insurance. We have never reported any incident of theft in 6+ years in business, however, if it were to happen, its on our policy.
  • You have a set time frame. Dogs are creatures of habit!
  • Privacy. We contact YOU and only YOU about your dogs well being and don’t post on social media without a signed, written consent from you first. Our team will never share your private information unless we need to use a back up sitter so she can do her best job.
  • EXTRAS...caring for your home as if it was your own-including taking in mail, newspapers, packages, cleaning up debris from Mother Nature and determining the best environment for your pets in terms of warmth or cooling. We strive to make your pets as comfortable as possible! We do one on one care with your sweet babies!

Check what our competitors are doing and ASK QUESTIONS! YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

How it works:

  • Call us at 877-822-6926 to speak to a live person OR
  • Click the “CONTACT US” button and fill out your information and the dates/times you will need our services. (Its the purple button)
  • You will be contacted within 2 business hours or less from the administrative staff.
  • Once you have been contacted and the services, rates and care discussed you will receive our welcome letter with paperwork to complete. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER!
  • Let us know when you wish to do a meet and greet consult to get to know you and the kids.
  • Instructions will be sent to you as to what we need to do our best job.
  • Plan your trip, relax and know your pets are in our capable, loving hands!

If you are seeking Rovernights, we reserve the right to meet you first and see your home. We specialize in safety but also want to feel comfortable, too. Thank you for understanding.

Last Minute Scheduling:

  • Wisconsin Pet Care LLC charges $10 for less than 24 hours notice for scheduling for current clients, unless its a family or medical emergency. If you are scheduling a vacation visit and are a new client, and its less than 48 hours, we will be adding $50 to your reservation.

Methods of payment:

  • Visa, Master Card, Discover, Personal Check, Cash. If you pay by check with insufficient funds, there is a $30 processing fee.

Terms of payment:

  • Payments are due at the beginning of the vacation sit, or at the end of the week for steady use customers. If you are a new customer, the services must be paid in full at the time of your meet and greet with your sitter, and once you become established with us, you are welcome to pay us Per Diem.

Scheduling your In Home Pet Sitting Services:

  • At Wisconsin Pet Care we make if easy and convenient for you to schedule appointments. When you become a customer, you will be assigned a log in and password to log into our system to create your own daily, weekly or yearly needs. If that is not convenient for you, you can call or email your needs to the administrative staff. Sits scheduled through sitters is inadvisable, as sitters focus on care, not administrative duties. Customers will be charged a $10 administrative fee each time they contact their sitter for scheduling.

Cancellation Policy:

  • If you cancel 24 hours before your reservation for daily dog walking OR poop scooping, we will accept  your cancellation. If you cancel less than 24 hours, you will be charged for the visits, as we will not be able to rebook your time slot. If you booked a vacation sit and come home early, no refunds are given for early returns.
  • EVERY MAJOR HOLIDAY NEEDS TO BE PREPAID 100% up front for the services. (Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve and New Years Day) If you decide to cancel in 7 days prior to your departure, you will be refunded 50% of the entire booking fee. If less than 7 days, you will be charged the full amount for the reservation.
  • ROVERNIGHTS-must be cancelled in 7 days or more, or non refundable.
  • Regular vacation sitting-non prepaid and 7 days advance notice to be refunded 100%. Less than 7 days notice is 50% of the total amount.

Reciprocity Program:

  • When you become a Wisconsin Pet Care customer, and you refer a friend/relative/co-worker to us, and they become a customer, you will receive one free visit for each new referral that becomes a customer.

Meet and greets are complimentary with service.

  • If you decide not to use us within one month of doing the meet and greet, $25 will be charged. If you are shopping for a sitter or dog walker, we are happy to do a meet and greet, but charge $25 for this visit.
  • There is a $5 – $10 surcharge for holiday visits which include New Years Day ($5), Easter ($5), Memorial Day ($5), July 4th ($5), Labor Day($5), Thanksgiving ($5), Christmas Eve ($5) Christmas ($10) and New Years Eve($5).
  • At certain times of the year, during peak holiday sitting and peak vacation times, we have a separate cancellation policy. Otherwise, we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. The peak periods are during the holidays and from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Please review the contract that you will be emailed.)
  • If you move and it requires us to establish a new sitter to provide services, you will be charged the cost of a visit-either 30 minutes or an hour, depending upon the time.


– a $50 fee if less than 48 hours prior to departure if you are a new customer.

We reserve the right to decide what clients are best for our company and business model.  We also reserve the right to politely refuse service if your home is hazardous to our sitters health and the health of the animal.

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