Dog Walking and In Home Pet Care Rates

Dog Walking and In Home Dog Sitting Services:

  • One dog – $21
  • Two dogs – $23
  • Three dogs – $25
  • Four dogs – $38 (goes to one hour)
  • Five or more animals – $50 per visit
  • One hour visit – $38
  • Less than 48 hour scheduling for new clients-$50
  • ROVERnight pet sitting is from 10 pm to 6 am – $100. Includes night walk and morning walk as well as feeding and cuddling/snuggling.

In Home Cat Sitting Services:

  • One to Two Cats – $21 (please note that we require a daily visit with all cats. No exceptions)
  • Three Cats – $23
  • Four Cats-$25
  • Up to Five cats – $38 per visit -One Hour visit
  • Rovernights-$100.00

Minimum Services:

  • To start as a customer, there is a minimum amount of $225 to be prepaid. This will be credited to your account for future visits.

We reserve the right to decide what clients are best for our company and business model.  We also reserve the right to politely refuse service if your home is hazardous to our sitters health and the health of the animal.

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