$18.  Eighteen bucks per visit is the base price to have a certified pet sitter from Wisconsin Pet Care come to your home while you are away.  Those who have experienced our service understand that it is worth every penny, but there are some who have determined that in-home pet care is out of their budget.  We would like to encourage all pet owners to reexamine in-home pet care as we break down exactly where your $18 is used.


Fuel for our vehicles: We have zoned Southeastern Wisconsin into 4 sections: Racine/Kenosha/Walworth Counties, Milwaukee County, Waukesha County and Lake Country.  Unless there is an emergency, our pet sitters work within their assigned zones.  However, the rising cost of fuel has made it a real consideration for our business.  This is why we make every effort to be efficient in our routes and provide enough caring, qualified pet sitters to support the business in each zone.


Wisconsin Pet Care is bonded and insured: Sure, we could operate without it, but we are a reputable company that strives to provide our customers with responsible and reliable service.  Your home is your largest asset, and while we take the utmost care of your house during our stay, peace of mind is worth its weight in gold.


Certified Pet Sitters: It’s true, your teenage neighbor could come over and feed your dog while you are on vacation.  However, would she know what to do if she found your dog had gotten into a cabinet of cleaning supplies?  Would she know how to administer antibiotics?   Will she show up at the same time each day to establish a routine?  Will she care for your home by watering the plants, bringing in the recycling bin, picking up the mail or doing a quick perimeter check while she takes the dog out for a walk?  Not just anyone can be a pet sitter for Wisconsin Pet Care.  We have assembled an elite team that isn’t just “qualified”, but they also have integrity and a true love of animals coupled with years of animal experience-from trainers to vet techs.  It’s hard enough to leave your pet alone all day, but when you go on vacation, it can be downright nerve-wracking.  So what do our pet sitters do when they come to your home?


Care for Cats:


*Feeding – Canned food cannot be left out for very long, but did you know that dry food also needs to be replaced?  Moisture (from the nearby water bowl, for example), can cause bacteria to form in your cat’s dry food bowl.


*Water refresh


*Litter Box Change/Scoop




*Playtime/Communication – Cats need to have mental stimulation as boredom can lead to behavioral issues, depression and/or anxiety.


*Petting/Loving – It’s not just dogs who need to have this care.  Cats love attention just as much as dogs.  They have a reputation for being more independent, but most of them can’t get enough adoration.


Care for Dogs:


*Exercise – Tailored to your dog.  We will work with you to provide adequate exercise for all activity levels!



*Water refresh


*Waste disposal






*Petting/Loving: Is there anything a dog likes more than a belly rub a good dose of cuddling?


In addition to these pet care essentials, we also take care of YOU.  We are a company of animal lovers and know exactly how hard it is to leave them behind, even when they are in the comfort and safety of their own home.  This is why we take the time to provide you with the “little extras” that really help put your mind at ease.  During our visit, we will document our time with your companion.  This will let you know exactly what was done and how your pet’s demeanor was that day.  We also take a snapshot of your pup or kitty and send it to you in a text message.  There’s nothing quite as reassuring as seeing that whiskered face in complete contentment even if you are hundreds of miles apart.  Before we ever take care of your pet, a Wisconsin Pet Care Pet Sitter will come out to your home and perform our signature “Meet-and-Greet” service.  This is where you can see your pet interact with the sitter, as well as inform him/her of Fido’s routine, eating habits, activity level and any other quirks.


As you can clearly see, $18 can go a long way.  We hope that shedding some light on the operation of our business has paved the way for you to reconsider in-home pet care for your four-legged friends.  We feel that the level of quality care you and your pet will receive is what makes Wisconsin Pet Care a budget-friendly choice for both day and long-term pet care.  Give us a call today to experience the Wisconsin Pet Care difference.