3 Tips for the First 30 Days of Puppyhood

As a dog walker and pet sitter in Milwaukee, we can attest that bringing home a new puppy is an exciting event, but can be a little scary for your new friend.  Puppy’s first month doesn’t have to be a nightmare.  Here are some tips that will have their tail wagging in no time.

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  1. Make them feel comfortable


When you first bring your puppy home, it is ideal to bring a few of their familiar things as well.  A familiar object such as a blanket that smells like their mother and littermates or a toy that they’ve been playing with will help a puppy feel comfortable.


Until your puppy has settled in, it is advised to feed the same food that they’re used to.  Switching diets suddenly during the transitional stage can cause additional stress and gastrointestinal upset.


  1. Provide positive experiences


The first month in their new home should be a positive experience for your puppy.  Puppy training should begin with fun games and lots of reinforcing treats and pats.  Do fun things with your new puppy – play games, go on car rides, and take them to the park (only once they are fully vaccinated).


Make sure your puppy has a good experience during the day when they are left home alone.  Leave a radio on to avoid silence, leave toys out, and lock your puppy away from areas of mischief.  Young puppies should not be left home alone for the whole day.  A pet sitter can provide a positive distraction from a lonely day by stopping by when your puppy is due for an afternoon snack and pee break.


  1. Bond with your new pal


Forming a bond with your new companion is one of the best things about pet ownership.  The key to bonding with your new puppy is to do as many activities together as possible.  Play games, engage with your puppy during feeding time, teach them tricks, and spend time grooming them.


Each family member should have a dedicated time set aside for bonding activities.  Each person should have at least 15 minutes per day alone with the new puppy so that everyone gets the opportunity to bond.


As pet sitters and dog lovers, we adore puppies and are happy to help if you need additional guidance during the transition stage.  Our team of pet care professionals can provide puppy visits, in-home training, and plenty of cuddles.