As a pet sitter and a dog walker, we come in contact with many a malady. Particularly popular around this time of year are the pesky flea freeloaders who burrow themselves into your pet’s coats, and set up their new home for the winter.

Have you seen your dogs scratching more than usual lately? Have you checked for fleas? I was shocked. My poodles were groomed this week and four fleas were found! As the weather gets colder, fleas are looking for a warm spot to inhabit. Don’t let them.

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Here are some tips that will help you avoiding those fleas during the fall:


·      Treating the house: Fleas and eggs can fall off anywhere in the home and they especially love to hide in carpets and furniture. You will need to vacuum the house daily especially in the areas where people and pets walk the most. When discarding the remains from the vacuum cleaner, you must dispose of them in a plastic bag and get rid of immediately outside of the home garbage can.


·      Cleaners: The best way to get rid of fleas in the home is to use baking soda and salt. By sprinkling even amounts of both on a dry carpet, this should destroy fleas by dehydrating them. These 2 ingredients can be left on for as long as possible or overnight ( Any pet’s bedding will also need to be washed immediately and at least weekly.


·      Treating your pet: When fleas are found, make sure you bathe your pet right away. Dawn dish soap, white vinegar, and warm water can be used to eliminate many fleas by letting the animal suds sit for a couple minutes ( After the pet has been washed, a flea comb can be used to remove any remaining fleas and eggs. Just remember…rinsing the flea comb in a cup of water after using will enable the remaining fleas to drown and to prevent any eggs from hatching.


·      Treating the outside: Remedies such as cedar wood chips or apple cider vinegar can be used for around the outside of the house too. Make sure you treat under bushes, around trees.