exercise your cat in milwaukee



Bringing a new kitten home is an exciting event. As cat sitters across Milwaukee, Kenosha, Racine and Brookfield, we know how wonderful a new addition can be.  Help the transition period go smoothly with the following tips:

  1. Create a safe haven


Prepare for your new kittens arrival – choose a room or enclosed area in which to initially house your kitten.  The area should be quiet and away from the main household traffic.  Supply a few items that your kitten is familiar with, such as a blanket or toys from their previous home, to help them feel secure.  During the transition period, you should also provide the same litter and food that the kitten is used to from their previous home.  A sudden change in diet can cause a gastrointestinal upset and additional stress for your new kitten.  Once everything is ready, your kitten should spend their first few days at home quietly settling in to this room and it should become their ‘safe haven’.

  1. Introducing family members


After the kitten has had sufficient time to settle in to their safe haven, you will want to introduce them to family members in a calm manner.  Each family member should visit the kitten individually and sit quietly in the room.  Small children should be supervised.  Speaking to your new kitten with soft, gentle tones in a comforting manner will encourage them to approach you.  As the new kitten gets increasingly confident with interactions, you should continue to visit them in their room increasingly often.

You will also need to introduce the new kitten to existing household pets.  Animals have sensitive olfactory (smelling) senses so they will already have smelled each other through the doors.  First introductions should be supervised and kept short so as not to be overwhelming.

  1. Open the house for exploration


Once your kitten becomes comfortable with their new home and family members (including other pets), they will naturally want to explore the rest of the house.  Prepare the house for exploration by removing hazards such as toxic plants or breakable items and locking other pets away in a separate room or outside.  Allow your kitten to explore in their own time while giving praise and encouragement.

Some kittens will take a longer time to adjust to their new surroundings than others. Providing a safe haven, calm introductions, and allowing your new kitten to slowly explore the house should help ease the transitional process.