As a professional in home pet sitter in the Milwaukee, Kenosha and Racine area, I come across many situations where I find myself scratching my head. Not that bewilderment isn’t a good thing; just wondering why and how people think, and substantiate their actions.


First and biggest question-why do you have a dog if you can’t invest in the time, training, and exercise he needs?

As dog walkers, we see many a dog who has never left their yard or had the opportunity to explore the world. As dogs “see” the world through their nose, imagine the never ending boredom of living in a world like this? Pet parents may feel that “he’s just fine-he has the backyard to play in” but I feel, sadly, that this is a life like a zoo animal. Caged in, never able to explore the outside world-a dog isn’t doing what he does best-sniff and explore. Pity. Both the dog and owner can benefit from an excursion around the neighborhood or even at a dog park.

Second and next important question. Why don’t people understand that not every dog is well behaved on a leash and that not every dog enjoys being pet? As luck would have it, my entire team pretty much has “challenged dogs” ..those requiring special care and experienced handling. Even if I tell people “He’s reactive” they continue to come towards us, magically thinking that their touch will cure an abused puppy mill dog. Yes, love conquers all, but I can only tell and demonstrate so many times that my pup is not friendly and needs his space. People-LISTEN!

Third and last “peeve” is this. You are what you eat. So is your dog or your cat. If you feel Beneful or Meow Mix you are likely to have a very ill animal, requiring extensive vet care, along with living in pain, lacking in energy and not living his/her fullest potential.

Do right by your animals-their love and devotion is limitless to you. The very least you can do is return the wonderful gift they bestow upon you each day.