5 Great Green Cleaning Products for Pet Households


Even though we may love our pets, there is no way to avoid all the cleaning we need to deal with. Whenever a pet has an accident on our carpets and other situations similar like this is not something you can avoid, so it’s up to you to deal with them as soon as you can. The following tips will point out green cleaning solutions you can use to ensure you have no issues dealing with the cleanup:


  • Lint roller

You can minimize the damage of the accidents by taking on the hygiene of your pets. Making sure you have well-groomed fur to work with will mean far less hair all around your home, as well as making sure you have healthy and happy pets. Well not all pets will be happy about bath time, but on the other hand you will find the perfect solution for your home if you have a cat: the lint roller. Use a lint roller to make sure all your furniture and clothes are nice and clean from any annoying pet hair, saying no to the annoyance it represents. It may not be a reusable resource, but it will be one of the few things that allow you to clean your clothes from pet hair fast and without too much fuss.


  • Distilled white vinegar

You can do a lot of good with distilled white vinegar, as it will not only work well to remove any pet scents from an area, but it will also work pretty well at cleaning floors as well. Whether you use it straight or not is up to you and up to the situation at hand, but in the end it will be to your advantage if you mix it with water for the purposes of cleaning your floors. A mix of about a cup of vinegar in about two liters of water is the ratio you should go for. No matter what accident happened with your pet, it will be a perfect solution for your wooden, vinyl or other floors that are not carpeted. On the other hand they will also remove any scents from the air, neutralizing the scent of your pets, all the while being completely safe and nontoxic. Whatever you do, never underestimate the usefulness of white vinegar.


  • Baking soda

Another useful solution, especially if you need to remove the scents from a carpet after an accident by your pets. It will help absorb the smell and neutralize it as far as possible all the while being completely nontoxic. You can also use it to scrub surfaces as well or when you want to completely remove any smells from your carpets before vacuuming. Simply sprinkle it on the carpets to deal with the situation, and then follow that up by vacuuming it clean for greater ease.


  • Polishing furniture

You can also make use of lemon juice and olive oil to ensure you have a good solution for furniture polish. This will allow you to remove some of the scratches from pet nails such as dogs and so on. Simply mix things up and use a soft cloth to clean and polish the surface of your furniture.


  • Tea tree oil

This is a wonderful essential oil that not only possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties, but also a quite pleasant smell. It will not only make sure you have clean floors, but also without making a mess out of things by using toxic cleaners.

Article provided by: Cleaning Domestic Cleaners Ltd.