Fall is the perfect time for a vacation-pet sitters schedules ease up a bit with the craziness of back to school, and dog walkers are looking to pick up extra walks as travel season dies down.

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Five great tips to remember while leaving your pets at home to a professional in home pet sitting service:

  • Make sure that your dog, cats, rabbits and birds have ample medications to last the length of your visit, in fact, its not a bad idea to have an extra day-in case of travel delays.
  • Stock up on food and treats. Most professional pet sitters will stop and shop if supplies run low, but not all of us have the extra time or hands to run to the pet food store. Be prepared.
  • Write out detailed explanations of feeding, cleaning, watering and home instructions. Leave vet and emergency contacts.
  • Make sure your professional pet sitter’s number is programmed into your cell phone. If you are traveling to an area with spotty service, sometimes sending an email is a more productive way to go. Triple check it before you leave; one digit or letter off has ruined many a vacation.
  • Don’t wait to book your pet sitter for the last minute. Chances are you are NOT the only client traveling, so its best to contact your sitter before you book a flight just to double check the availability.

By hiring professionals who are pet first aid and CPR certified, you can relax and enjoy your vacation without worry.