Over this last year, Wisconsin Pet Care has covered a lot of information.  However, what has been made most clear is that we are adamant proponents for high-quality dog and cat food.  Excellent nutrition can help your four-legged friend’s live longer, and more fulfilling lives.  In addition, we explained the benefits of feeding your companions a raw diet – even offering up easy-to-prepare recipes for both dogs and cats.


Drugs and chemicals are always worrisome to a pet parent, which is why we wanted to bring you the latest news on antibiotic therapies, pet supplements, as well as the pros and cons of today’s vaccinations.  Of course, we also thought it would be helpful to unveil some of the mystery behind “alternative” treatment options for pets – like lasers, acupuncture and chiropractors.


The subject of cat-declawing and whether or not to let kitties outside were the hot-button issues facing our feline friends, while breakthroughs in sterilization and the importance of playtime interested the canine crew.




This year we’re going to dig deeper.  Be sure to stay-tuned for a series focused on adoption.  We plan to take you through the entire process of bringing a new pet home – from finding the best animal to suit your lifestyle to introducing the “new guy” to your other fur babies.


Naturally, this turns our attention toward the little ones, so we’ll also be looking at a series focused on the care of kittens and puppies.  WPC will be offering up some helpful hints to keep kitty from shredding your curtains, as well as some highlights of why there is a need for training and socializing your new puppy.


Another topic we really want to devote some time to is dental issues for both dogs and cats – this is one you won’t want to miss!


What else will you see on the Wisconsin Pet Care blog in 2013?  Let’s talk toys!  Play is important not only for the mental stimulation of your pet, but also for the human/companion bond.  We will get into the trenches and field test some of the latest and greatest toys on the market.


Additionally, we want to give you the tools needed to find the right veterinarian for your pet.  What questions should you ask during your dog or cat’s annual check-up?  How do you find a veterinarian that supports “alternative” medicine?  Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about this process will be found right here on the WPC blog. Let us be the wealth of information you seek for your healthiest pet year ever.


Happy New Year devoted readers!  The Wisconsin Pet Care blog has one resolution for 2013: We promise to continue bringing you weekly topics that are important to the health and wellness of your pets.  We want you to rely on us to be a resource that isn’t afraid to tackle the touchy subjects – so keep letting WPC know exactly what is on your mind, and we’ll continue to let you know what’s on ours!