Meet Karyn & the Team

Hello, I’m Karyn Soergel, owner of Wisconsin Pet Care. WPC was founded in 2008 with the goal of providing a level of pet care where clients would NEVER have to think twice if their pets were being properly looked after and loved. Our entire team understands what that commitment means:
Our high standards for pet care will never be compromised.

Animals instinctively know whether a person possesses warmth, compassion and a caring nature toward them. It is our first order of business to select and match caregivers who embody those traits and form a real connection with the pets in their care. Add to that the proper mix of skills and training and you have defined our highly qualified staff members.

Our Extraordinary People Have a Passion for Pets

The Wisconsin Pet Care team is comprised of skilled professional caregivers. Each team member is chosen for their pet experience, compassion and knowledge. They have passed an extensive background check, a personality assessment test and a security interview. In addition, each employee is given 2 weeks of specific WPC training, including First Aid and CPR, before they are assigned a route. Since we work as a team, your pets will get to share their love with more than one person.


Territory Manager, Dog Walker & Pet Sitter  

Ainsley has always had a passion and love for animals and has four rescue pets of her own. In addition to her work with Wisconsin Pet Care, she is currently getting a Masters Degree in Human-Canine Life Sciences at Bergin College of Canine Studies. “WPC has given me the opportunity to care for others’ pets as though they are my own. I’ve gained experience with new breeds, and am able to use what I’m currently learning both in school and with our clients.”


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter 

Alyssa worked as a vet tech at MADACC for 4 years, a valuable asset for WPC clients as she is accustomed to comforting shy or stressed animals and is a pro at administering medications to your pets if needed. In addition to working for WPC, she is a tech assistant at Waukesha Veterinary Referral Center (WVRC) emergency vet clinic. She has an American Bully dog named Mila (who’s shy at first with new people but loves every dog she’s ever met) and a Saddlebred horse named Johnny.


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

 My home has always had at least one furry friend in residence since I was a child; from Owen the Maine Coon to Leo the Jack Russell, and more. There were also a few years with fish, birds and lizards. I was a professional dog walker for several years before joining WPC and became comfortable with many sizes and breeds of dogs. Building a mutually respectful relationship between the parent, the dog and me is my main goal. I pride myself on my excellent work ethic, my many years of customer service experience and being able to handle any challenges that may occur.


Field Trainer & Territory Manager 

Ben joined the Wisconsin Pet Care team after moving to Milwaukee from Savannah, GA where he worked as manager at a holistic pet store for several years. As our Field Trainer his role is to train, support and lead all staff in the field, while communicating with all clients to keep them a part of the pack. He’s got a big position and he’s earned it. He’s a natural leader, someone who leads by example and earns many followers because he’s quiet but not shy, hardworking, amiable, kind, and confident Ben is also just an all-around nice guy. Clients go gaga for him, and luckily, he’s there for everyone. His background includes education in training, pet care and animal behavior. Ben knows pets are family members and enjoys spending time getting to know each pet’s personality. He is an avid film and music lover, plays in local band FuzzySurf (he encourages everyone to check them out) and is married to Kim, his favorite person in the world.


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Billy covers a wide territory including Bay View, 3rd Ward, and Walkers Point. Prior to joining WPC, Billy enrolled in our “Boot Camp” where he learned the tremendous demands of the job, the high standards we expect from our staff and how to expertly take care of the pets under our care. He did so well, we hired him immediately after he graduated. He’ll love yours like he loves his own (and they’ll love him right back)!


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter 

Brittany has had a deep love for animals her entire life.  As a child, she and her family had almost every kind of pet imaginable, including cats, dogs, birds, fish, frogs, lizards, hamsters, and chinchillas. Brittany currently lives with two incredibly loving cats of her own, Guapo and Cici.  In addition to being an exceptional pet caregiver, Brittany is an incredibly talented actor, director, writer, teaching artist, and yoga guide in the Milwaukee area.


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter 

After leaving her career in the corporate world, Cathy decided to really focus on what made her passionate. The leap to work with dogs wasn’t a leap at all. People like Cathy were meant for this type of work. Meeting her it’s clear that you’re speaking with a down-to-earth, fun-loving person who will always do what’s best for you and your pets. Cathy has a natural ability to go above and beyond in customer service, and showering affection on your pets – we’re very fortunate to have her on the team.


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Chelsea’s personality is as sweet as pie. She’s thoughtful and a great listener with a peaceful, calm disposition. A very caring person, she loves to make others happy (including dogs!). She has excelled in her training with us; the love she has with dogs is very visible in her interactions with them. Chelsea is the perfect fit for timid dogs, but works well with all of our dogs! Her attention to detail, thoughtfulness, and customer service shine through in all her communications, and clients love to hear how their dog’s day went, or how their weekend sitting went. In addition to her canine talents Chelsea is currently finishing her masters in theater education.


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

“Hi everyone, my name is Gabby, and I am so happy to be an employee with Wisconsin Pet Care!” Gabby is currently in graduate school at the UWM pursuing a degree in social work. She wanted to become a pet sitter and dog walker because she has always had a special place in her heart for animals. Gabby grew up with a dog of her own and has helped many friends and family with their pets. Her attention to detail, thoughtfulness, and customer service shine through in everything she does. She plans on helping people when she becomes a social worker and can’t wait to work with you and your pets. “I believe pets are our family and need to be cared for like humans.”


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Heather covers Brookfield, NW Milwaukee, Menomonee Falls. She has been an animal lover since childhood and her love of them was something she and her mother always shared: “I remember rescuing many lost animals with my mom!” Pet sitting is a great complement to her day job – she can get still get her animal fill when she can’t have house full of her own. It also gives her a chance to play with kitties because her current dog doesn’t love the idea of a feline sibling (or any sibling for that matter!). “Working at Wisconsin Pet Care allows me to care for other’s animals in the way that I’d want my fur child cared for.”


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter  

Jennifer covers Kenosha, Mount Pleasant and Racine for pet sitting and dog walking. She is a retired vet tech and we always look to Jennifer if we have a medical issue (her nickname is “Dr. Jennifer”). She has a passion for horses and all types of birds. She will take amazing care of four-legged and feathered friends. (By the way, she’s also a bird groomer!)


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

I have always loved animals and have had parakeets, then cats my whole life. I seemed to find strays (or they found me!). I volunteered at the Humane Society and was attracted to WPC because we help people care for their pets, much as we care for our own.  I love meeting new people, and their pets, of course. I have 3 cats I adore: Wednesday (queen of the house, shown in photo), Rasta and Bailey. My husband Mike, is great too!! I also love to cook, read, and shoot pool.


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Kayt covers Shorewood and Milwaukee’s East Side. Her ideal job is  working for Wisconsin Pet Care as a pet sitter and dog walker. With an art background, clients can look forward to great sketches come holiday time from a professional artist! Her own babies include Milo, a fluffy white cat with different colored eyes, and Oy, an adorable new pup.


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Kim grew up around large dogs so they hold a special place in her heart, but cats (especially picky ones) have always liked her. In college, she began her pet care career taking care of pets of friends and family when they traveled or needed a little extra help. She also works as an actor at Milwaukee County Zoo, educating children about conservation and how small steps in our daily lives can reduce our environmental impact. She and her husband Ben have Dolly, a rescued American Bulldog/Hound mix who loves taking her parents for long walks along the Riverwalk.


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter 

Lori has had animals all her life and has always had a love and respect for them.  Her passion for animals started at a young age, and she brings a tremendous amount of experience to WPC. She has worked at 2 animal hospitals, one as a kennel assistant, and one as a vet tech.  She also ran her own business as a dog walker, pet sitter and trainer in Georgia before relocating to Wisconsin.  She’s cared for dogs, cats and many fun and unusual pets from exotic birds, guinea pigs, horses, koi fish, and even chickens!


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter 

Louise always had pets at home growing up. Originally from Stockholm, Sweden she is a dog trainer and has an extensive background working with animals…especially dogs with high anxiety. She has incredible experience working with many anxious and even aggressive dogs and is one of the most skilled people to ever grace us with their presence. We’re extremely fortunate! Louise is actively involved with the Wisconsin Humane Society’s Milwaukee campus and fosters both dogs and cats. Louise also has a rescue dog and cat in addition to a therapy dog who she trained and takes him to visit schools and work with children. “I will treat your pet with respect and lots of love!” Louise has 3 children that keep her busy, and (as if that is not enough) founded a business called Hoodiepet which combines two kids favorites a blanket/stuffed toy into one great item.


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter 

Lyric grew up with all kinds of pets. She decided on a position with Wisconsin Pet Care because she has always loved animals and loves the way pets bring a smile to people’s faces. Her greatest asset is her patience and unshakeable optimism.  She brings structure, fun, and unbeatable care to every single animal in her care while offering prompt and professional customer services to our clients. She uses all of these traits to handle some of our rowdiest pups, and makes it look fun and easy. She has never struggled with any dog in a setting that makes many uncomfortable. “Animals have had a huge and positive impact on my life. I love taking care of pets because I love making them happy, and that makes me very happy, too!”


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter 

Mehra has had a passion for animals since her childhood and has had four dogs of her own. She gained experience dealing with many different breeds while working at doggie daycare, and respects all the animals in her care, treating them as her own. She currently has three naughty cats – Simba, Dinker and Sylvester.


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

There were always family dogs in the house when Morgan was growing up, so she knows firsthand that they truly are part of the family. She has a special connection with animals and even at a young age was asked to take care of pets for family friends and neighbors. She has a new puppy of her own now and finds joy in working with animals. “The favorite part of my job is being greeted by the pets when I first come in the door. They keep me active and brighten up my day with lots of snuggles and cute faces.” Morgan is in graduate school pursuing her master’s degree in clinical counseling mental health with a goal of becoming an addictions therapist.


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Nellie has over 10 years of experience caring for pets and has had the pleasure of taking care of dogs, cats, reptiles, small mammals, and even farm animals! Nellie connects with animals easily and the love she has for them is very visible in her interactions. She adores them all as if they were her own. She landed her first job in pet care when she was 13, volunteering to help an elderly couple care for their four horses. Since that time, she has worked many jobs caring for animals including a stable hand at a horse boarding facility and two doggy daycares. She applies all this experience to handle some of our rowdiest pups, and makes it look fun and easy. “I absolutely love getting to know each animal’s personality and seeing their excitement when I come to play, train, exercise or just hang out with them.” Outside of pet care she enjoys hiking, riding her horse and traveling with her significant other and their German Shepherd. 


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter 

Quinn grew up with all kinds of pets including, rabbits, hamsters, frogs, a full aquarium, a snake, several cats, and his beloved dog Tucker. Quinn has a very calm personality and is able to connect with pets easily. “What I like most about being a dog walker/pet sitter is that I am able to get outside to provide dogs with the exercise and attention they need. I’m an athletic person so going on nice long walks is not a problem for me!” Quinn studied Conservation / Environmental Science and recently founded an environmental business focused on cleaning up litter, sorting and recycling materials, and most importantly educating youth about our environmental impact. Quinn loves backcountry and big mountain snowboarding, hiking and rock climbing and being a part of the WPC community where he has the opportunity to meet and care for so many different animals with unique personalities.


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter 

Susan’s lifelong love of animals brought her to Wisconsin Pet Care when she retired. Though this is her first pet care job, she is an advocate for rescue and has experience in both fostering and transport for a Wisconsin breed-specific rescue group. The pets in her care are happy she landed here!


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter 

Tess is a student at the University of St. Thomas in MN and is pursuing a degree in neuroscience. She is an avid soccer player and plays on the team there in addition to her studies. She loves pets of all kinds and even though she didn’t have family pets while growing up she took advantage of every opportunity to be around them when she visited friends who had dogs and cats. “I am so excited to be a part of the Wisconsin Pet Care team and can’t wait to meet all the new people and their pets!