Once in a while, everyone entertains the idea of getting a pet. If you made up your mind and you are ready to welcome a new family member at your home, you need to consider certain things. Especially, when it comes to dogs. These lovely animals can bring a lot of joy, but they also come with certain responsibilities. To begin with, dogs require lots of care and dedication. As a first – time dog owner you need to be fully aware in what you are getting yourself into. Otherwise your life might turn into a “Marley & Me “movie.

Advices for a First-Time Dog Owner

Choose the Right Breed For You

If you haven’t settled for a specific breed, take time to decide what type of dog will suit your lifestyle. Consider both the physical features as well as their character. Each breed differs not only in terms of size, shape, colour and fur, but also in their temperaments. Some animals can be extremely active and need a lot of walking. On the other hand, smaller dog types get tired more easily. Make a research and align it with your expectations about your dog. Do you prefer a submissive breed that is easy to train? Or you simply want a loyal companion. Examine the needs of each dog type. What type of care your furry buddy needs? What surroundings do they prefer? Also, think about your daily activities and how owning a dog would affect them. Let’s get it clear from the start – house cleaning is a must. Many new pet owners jump straight into the idea and then feel pressured by the endless obligations.

If possible, consider rescuing a dog or cat. There are millions of animals each year who lose their lives because no one wanted them. Its heartbreaking. Local shelters can help you with this. A good place to start would be the Wisconsin Humane Society.

Pet – proof Your Home

Just like younger kids, dogs can be very curious which might eventually lead to troubles. There are items around your home that constitute danger for your furry friend. The problem is many of these hazards are not that obvious. For example, a bottle filled with volatile cleaning product might turn into a chew toy. Prevent any unpleasant incidents by closely examining your environment. You need to do it from the perspective your pet.

Proper Welcoming

Changes are stressful, even for animals. Your dog will need time to adapt to its new home. Try to provide a calming atmosphere. Don’t introduce your pet to strangers right away. If you have children, explain to them how they should approach the new member.

Start the Training Right Away

This is the time when you need to teach your dog all the important things like toileting and primary household rules. Otherwise, cleaning after your dog will be a regular routine. Training will not only help build habits, but it will strengthen your relationship with your pet. You need to be very patient during this period.

Create a Schedule

The predictable routine will help you plan your time more effectively. Schedule a fixed time for feeding, exercising and walking. Dogs are creatures of habit and they will get used to the regime quickly.

Now as your dog is finally home, you need to provide all the essentials. Aside from the food, you can also consult with your vet about vital nutrients and vitamins. These are individual for each breed.

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