As the owner of a professional pet sitting company in Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha and Waukesha counties, I see a lot and a hear even more stories about people who “care for pets.” Single pet sitting company owners or hobbyists sometimes take up to 25 visits in one day, basically “running on fumes.” Based on this premise, how are they providing the very best care for your cats and dogs?

How do you actually do 25 visits in one day?


This is so inherently wrong, in so many ways. Honestly, they can’t be providing top shelf care. Its impossible! When I first started my pet sitting business, I was answering the phones, running around to sits and trying to sleep and shower in-between. At 14 a day, I was totally exhausted and burned out. Add to that trying to build a business and return phone calls and emails?


If you are looking to hire a “professional” then look for the following traits:

Employees arePet 1st Aid and CPR certified


They are Insured and Bonded with employees, not IC’s


Doesn’t overbook and at maximum has a sitter do 10 visits a day. Anything over that is grounds for walking away because either you will be shorted visits or the quality of work will suffer.


Has a back up plan. If your sitter gets ill, and or has to take an animal to the emergency room for care, who is going to back up that sitter? We have 3-4 levels of back up for your dog or cat at all times!


Has reviews from reliable sources; Angie’s List, Google, Facebook, Yelp or a vet, groomer, trainer or friend. Word gets around when a company is great-but even faster when someone is not performing their duties. Do your research as caring for your dogs or cats is an important decision.