In Brookfield, Wisconsin, as professional dog walkers and pet sitters in we see many thing. Many of them pertain to your four legged furry friends; also known as your dog or cat. Many times we come across things that seem remarkable when its pet related and this brings up the unique and different “Dog Cat.”










What is a Dog Cat?

A dog cat is a cat that acts like a dog.

Basic Characteristics Dog Cats have are:

  • A Dog Cat greets you at the door and starts talking to you.
  • A Dog Cat loves to be in the center of things, and loves attention. They will often greet guests at a dinner party, one by one, simply putting a loving paw on the guests lap.
  • A Dog Cat doesn’t scamper away when a stranger enters-they embrace and welcome the new visitor to the home.
  • A Dog Cat follows you around, encouraging interaction.
  • A Dog Cat engages with the owner, versus on the cats terms.

As professional cat sitters, we see many of these types of cats, but frankly. not enough. Perhaps unsocialized at birth, or left waiting and wondering in a cat shelter for rescue, cats who do not act like dogs are sometimes challenging to sit for-as we will never see them.

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