We know there are lots of choices in dog walking and pet sitting in the Milwaukee, Kenosha, Racine and Waukesha areas and at times, can be downright overwhelming. Everyone sounds so great. How do you choose the best pet sitter for your unique pet family?

Our mission is to keep your pets as comfortable and as stress free as possible while you are away – no matter who is entrusted to their care. Our exact mission statement is “To deliver an unprecedented level of reliable, expert animal care from an individually recruited and trained group of professionals dedicated to providing consistent, superior customer service and focused on establishing a loyal client base through effective, timely communication, trust, dependability and progressive education.” That’s how much we care about your pets. We also want you to feel that you are involved in the process with communication to you while you are away.

When people ask us “why should we choose your service over others?”, we answer that we hire the most competent, comprehensive, skilled team in the state of Wisconsin. What does this mean?

  • THERE IS NO “I” IN TEAM.  We have a team of 28 professional pet sitters to serve the entire community-and two each in your service area.  We hire a ratio of 1 to 35 applicants. The team is the pick of the litter, so to speak, not just people who like animals. They live animals. There is no job that we would ask them to do that we wouldn’t do ourselves.  My company offers paid time off, discounts on pet food, and an IRA contribution to their retirement plans, as well as the free advice of a professional financial consultant. My team is paid above average, in fact, the same wages as pet sitters on the East and West Coasts!
  • We have core values. We live and breathe these:
  •  1. Deliver nothing short of Amazing
    2. Engage in Positive Relationships
    3. Be receptive and Humble
    4. Do everything with Kindness
    5. Demonstrate Integrity
    6. Show Compassion
  • COMMUNICATION.  With the wonders of technology and smart phones, we can text pictures, video, email – whatever is best for you – on a per visit basis.  We understand that it is sometimes harder for you to leave your pets than it is for your animals – we want you to have complete peace of mind while you are away and if that means texting at each of our 4 daily visits, then it would be our pleasure.  When I had a pet sitter come into my home, I was worried sick because I didn’t hear from him. Chances are you’ll hear from us too much!
  • BUSINESS SAVVY We not only take your pets seriously, we take our business seriously.  So seriously that we have earned every major award in, WI! What are they, you ask? Angie’s List Super Service Award-2012 and 2013, Best of Milwaukee WISN A List Winner, 2012 and 2013. Not only local awards, but a NATIONAL BUSINESS OF THE YEAR AWARD, too!
  • We are profitable and in the black. We will be in business for the next 50 years, if we want to be! Our team of accountants, labor and business attorneys and HR coaches will see to it! We are happy to be experiencing growth, year after year! Thank you for helping us get there.
  • We focus on what we know best. Pet Care. Dog Waking. We aren’t opening up stores, hotels, boarding facilities…we focus on our core strengths and grow our client base. (although we have been asked to open up a facility in Door County.)
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE.  Its all about you, all the time, as it should be, but most importantly its all about your beloved animals. Have a special need or request? As long as it is a reasonable request that will contribute to the well being of your animals and to your peace of mind while you are traveling around the world, it would be our pleasure.
  • CONTINUING EDUCATION.  We know a lot about pets but we sure as heck don’t know it all.  If we don’t know something, we ask, we research, we find out.  Our team of award wining sitters is Pet First Aid and CPR certified, bonded, insured and employees! We know what to do in emergencies and we have a back up plan in case your primary sitter is held up. We have a minimum of four continuing ed classes per year….on leash skills, how to give great client services, how to administer medications. We keep growing-we keep learning.

With over one millennium of combined animal experience and a focus on exceptional customer service, we provide specialized pet care in Southeastern Wisconsin…..and you will never have to interview another pet sitter again in your lifetime…or your pets life. #milwaukee, #pets, #kenosha, #racine, #waukesha