The Perfect Pet for You: the Recently Retired! by Katelyn Schutz. CPDT


So you’ve just retired from your job, and are looking to settle down in the later years of your life.  Now that you have more time to spend with your loved ones, it’s the perfect time to look into getting a pet companion.  The professional pet sitters at Wisconsin Pet Care can’t wait to care for your new addition!  But how will you pick the pet that best suits your lifestyle?  Let these tips help guide you to finding the perfect pet match!


The Dog.


Canines can make wonderful companions for seniors.  One of the most social pets around, a dog could benefit greatly from having someone with extra time to love and care for them.


Puppy vs. Dog.  Try to find a dog that matches your energy level.  If you live a quieter life, perhaps consider rescuing a senior dog who enjoys living life at a slower pace.  A puppy may not be your best bet here, as they are full of vivacious energy and it may be hard to keep up.  Conversely, maybe you’d like to get a dog to encourage yourself to keep moving, and a puppy is just what the doctor ordered.  Puppies are higher maintenance, and require a lot of time and supervision, something you can now adequately provide with your open schedule.  If you don’t quite have the energy to keep up with a puppy, consider a moderate energy level dog who would enjoy daily low impact exercise like walking, but can also quietly curl up on the couch for snuggle time afterwards.  Regardless of age, Wisconsin Pet Care is looking forward to helping walk and care for your dog whenever you need!


Size matters.  Consider your living arrangements when picking the size of your dog.  If Small dogs are often preferred because they are easier to acclimate to a down-sizing lifestyle, such as apartment or senior home living.  They don’t take up much space, and make the perfect sized lap companions.  Large dogs, though often gentle giants, can be more expensive to feed and medicate, potentially making them more challenging to care for if on a fixed income.  Big or small, Wisconsin Pet Care is happy to provide professional dog walking and pet sitting services for your new pooch!


The Cat.


Felines can make wonderful pets for the recently retired!  Cats can provide wonderful companionship to someone who is now home more often.  They are moderately easy to care for, and fairly inexpensive to keep.  Now that you have more time on your hands, you may find you want to travel more, and cats lower maintenance care makes that possible.  When traveling, it’s easy to book a trusted professional pet sitter like Wisconsin Pet Care to love and care for your feline while you’re away.


Kitten vs. Cat.  Please consider that cats often live up to 20 years, before deciding if a cat or a kitten is best for you.  A high energy kitten could be suiting for the recently retired, as you’ll now have plenty of time to entertain and exercise your kitty.  Older cats tend to be quieter and lower maintenance than kittens, and would be better paired for those with a mellow lifestyle.


The Small Animal.


There are many small animals out there that can make amazing companion pets.  Birds, rabbits, and ferrets are just a few of the small animals that could be perfect for you.  Did you know Wisconsin Pet Care also provides professional pet sitting for these types of pets too?


Do your research.  Husbandry and basic care varies from animal to animal.  Find a pet that is reasonable, and will fit in your home (some need cages, aquariums, and special housing).  Sometimes a small animal can be lower maintenance, and thus easier for a senior lifestyle.  Consider that each lifespan varies, but small animals typically don’t live as long as dogs and cats.  No matter what your age is, please consider putting your pets in a living will, so you have peace of mind that your pets will always be cared for.


Of course, every pet is an individual, so these guidelines will go on a case by case basis.  Not all old pets act old, and not all animals follow their typical breed standards.  Assess each pet individually, and decide what pet is best for your lifestyle.  Let these starting points lead you to your perfect pet!