Milwaukee is the city to be during the summer. With an action packed line-up for human festivities, it’s tempting for a Milwaukee resident to bring their dog with so they too can enjoy the summer fun; but not all venues are dog friendly. During the dog days of summer, its essential to keep four-legged companions cool and safe from the summer heat when they are brought along to join in on the summer events. Enjoying the many dog friendly aquatic options Milwaukee has to offer is a brilliant way to keep Milwaukee dogs cool and ensure they, their owners and sitters are still enjoying the remaining days of summer.
Milwaukee dog walkers and owners alike, enjoy traveling to Granville Dog Park. Located off of Good Hope Road, this dog-friendly area offers Milwaukee dogs, owners and sitters a place to be let off the leash and explore. Dogs can chase squirrels around the woods, be the king of the mountain as they climb the hills and can play fetch in the giant grassy field until their legs are worn down to tiny stubs. Since Granville Dog Park is fully fenced in and includes many walking trails for Milwaukee dogs, their owners and sitters can enjoy a leisurely, care-free stroll. If dogs love the water, Granville Park has a creek that runs along side the walking trails.
Swimming in the creek is an easy way to keep Milwaukee dogs cooled down during the summer. With the creek being shallow, taking a dip with dog is an excellent way for a puppy parent or sitter to cool down and enjoy the time with their dog. Playing a game of fetch in the water is a delightful way to exercise dogs while keeping them cool and safe from the summer heat.

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Kingston enjoying his summer aquatic adventure. Photograph by Jordan Bocher.
Dog safety is a priority to Wisconsin Pet Care and their dog walkers. Ensuring the well being of every dog in their care is something they value highly.
While Milwaukee pups are enjoying the last month of summer, owners and sitters need to keep in mind the basics of summer safety for dogs. Here’s a quick and helpful list to assist owners and sitters in keeping their furry friends safe. Milwaukees Best Dog Walkers Offer 5 Great Warm Weather Tips<>
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Written by Lauren Raquel Nelson