For many of us, including your dogs, Fall is a beautiful time of year when color is alive in trees, pumpkins are plenty, and giving thanks surrounds us. Lots of new smells and sights for your puppy to enjoy!

Milwaukee dogs are already enjoying beautiful color and Kenosha and Racine puppies are not far behind!

dog walker racine

Pumpkin picking isn’t just for the kids, you can pick out a pumpkin for your dog as well. Pumpkin is a healthy, naturally grain free food that is a yummy treat and good for the digestive system. You can give them cooked or raw pumpkin pieces, just omit the seeds. Ask your pet sitter for some pumpkin treat recipes.

As more leaves begin to fall you can rake them into a pile that becomes a foraging opportunity. Place a few treats throughout the leaf pile, add a toy or two and watch your pet dog have a blast. My dog loves to play hide and seek in the leaf pile. Make sure to take out any sticks, pieces of garbage like glass or tin as you rake, keeping your pup safe from any injury.

racine pet sitter

There are some things to watch out for while enjoying the Fall with your pet dog. Acorns can make a dog sick if eaten, stay away from high acorn accumulation areas if he is prone to mouth or eat objects found while on a walk. Leaf litter can also pose a danger, hiding things like glass and nails underneath them. It’s a good idea to carry a walking stick while walking through heavy leaf litter areas, using it in a back and forth motion in front of you as you walk, uncovering any potential dangers.

Give thanks for your pet dog, give thanks for Fall, and enjoy everything the season has to offer with your pup!