As a dog walker and pet sitter in Milwaukee, I get a lot of calls from people who have recently moved here, or used another professional pet sitter in the past who had a bad experience.

It breaks my heart to hear this, because as a professional dog walker, we strive for perfection and giving your pets the love and attention they deserve

Caring for animals is our passion-our life’s work. With the onset of apps now guiding you to find a “professional” its hard to wade through the options. Here are some ways to find someone great, and what to do before you hire someone.

How to find a Great Cat Sitter, Dog Walker or Pet Sitter in your area?

Choose a good Dog walker Pet Sitter in Milwaukee WI

  1. GOOGLE the words DOG WALKER, CAT SITTER OR PET SITTER and then your town.
  2. Look at where they come up in ranking, and make note of how many GOOGLE reviews they have. Go their websites and read the reviews. Reviews are extremely telling about a company and the services that they can provide for you.
  3. Read the reviews on GOOGLE before calling them.
  4. Call your veterinarian, your groomer, your building leasing office and friends in the area who are pet owners to see who they would refer, or have heard of.
  5. Read YELP. Be sure to read the filtered reviews as well, as not everyone is an avid YELPER and the reviews are not seen.
  6. Call the company and ask for 10 minutes of their time to get to know the business owner. This will give you the time to find out about them, ask questions about their practices, their policies and so on. If a company doesn’t want to give you plenty of information, run like the wind away.

Wisconsin Pet Care is the highest rated and highest awarded in home pet sitting and dog walking company in the entire state of Wisconsin. Please call 877-822-6926 for more information.