by Katelyn Schutz, CPDT



Congratulations, you’ve welcomed a new puppy into your home! The next several months can be rather daunting and exhausting, with all the training and exercise your young pooch will need. Learn why hiring a professional dog walking service can help relieve your exhaustion, and help you train your new pup!


We’re experts. Your professional dog walking team should have a skilled background on all things puppy. If you have a question about what food to feed, or what kind of collar or harness would be best for your pet, chances are we have an answer. We see it and do it every day, so we often have insider knowledge on the best training equipment and techniques for your new pooch.


Tired dog is a good dog. One of the most common setbacks in training a new puppy is when they are just too full of energy to sit still and listen. Problem behaviors, such as destructive chewing, excessive barking, and jumping up, can often be alleviated by providing an extra outlet for that energy. Learning will be a breeze for your vivacious canine, after your professional dog walker burns that excess puppy energy prior to a training session!


Promotes socialization. Having a professional dog walking service come into your home to walk your new puppy will help it learn to love new people! That nice long walk also provides plenty more opportunities for your dog to go new places, meet new people, and learn new things. This additional socialization support from your professional dog walker can go a million miles to help your pooch mature into an emotionally stable and healthy adult.


Aids in housebreaking. Is your puppy having a hard time holding it’s bladder on your long work days? Hiring a professional dog walking service will relieve your pooch in the middle of your work day, so that you don’t have to come home to a mess in the kennel every night!


Generalization of Commands. Did you ever take a foreign language class? Remember how having conversations with many different people helped you generalize, and learn the language more in depth? The same thing goes for dog training. Your puppy needs to learn that “sit” means “sit”, no matter who is asking for it. Your professional dog walker and pet sitter can help achieve this generalization, so your dog can perform commands anytime, anywhere.


We’re better than the dog park. A professional dog walker can be a much safer and healthier option than the unpredictable dog park. Young puppies are still growing into their immune systems, and you run the risk of exposing your pup to communicable diseases at a dog park. A professional dog walker exercises and socializes your puppy, without the fear of catching an intestinal parasite or kennel cough from the other dogs at the park. Not to mention the frequency of altercations at the dog park, it can be very challenging to supervise appropriate play at an off-leash dog park. Your professional dog walker, on the other hand, has much more safe control over who your dog will or will not interact with during the walk.


So accelerate your puppy’s training and hire a professional dog walking service like Wisconsin Pet Care today!