As a dog owner, I am always looking for ways to entertain and engage my dogs when I’m not around, and to surprise and delight them with new forms of enrichment.

For years I have given my dogs raw femur bones. They love the marrow inside, and they absolutely adore the hours of activity it provides. Not only that, it helps clean their teeth and keep their breath fresh. However, recently I’ve noticed that their canine teeth have chipped and some have even splintered. In order to protect what is left, I wanted to come up with an alternative for them!

I found something Amazing!
Have you heard of EarthAnimal’s NO HIDE?

The NO HIDE is made from 100% beef, no foreign products, chemicals or additives and with
everything made in the USA, this chew is a winner!

Dog walker in Milwaukee Chews
Here is the link to the product and more information on it: treats/natural-dog- chews/

You can purchase smaller chews in various sizes for all sized dogs.
We highly recommend getting these versus the traditional, formaldehyde cured rawhide bones.

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Dog Chews for dog walking in Milwaukee