Sublime to Ridiculous

As professional dog walkers and pet sitters in Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha and Wauwatosa we get a certain number of requests for odd jobs. Some in fact, that they go above and beyond the course of normal, even become downright absurd.

Here are the top three odd requests that have proven our above and beyond process.

•       A client returned from vacation a day early. This pet sitting client could not get into his home because our team of professional pet sitters had all three sets of keys in their safe keeping. (as they should!) The client called  us at 1:30 in the morning to come and let them in. And, my sitter went over to help them!
•       A cat client wanted to make sure that we knew what ¼ can of cat food looked like. Yes. Not making this up, I urged her that not only were we capable of measuring out a ¼ cup of cat food, but we would be happy to take a photo of the can BEFORE GIVING it to their cat. Nope. Had to come over for instruction. Even after visiting and seeing for ourselves we also were left an illustration of what that looks like. As professionals, I truly hope we can understand what ¼ of a can of food looks like!
•       A client accused us of tying knots in their cat wand and had to take time off from work to detangle them.  Yes! The cat wand was apparently a legacy item that would screw up the cats well-being if she didn’t use THAT wand!

These are based on facts and sadly, we didn’t make these antidotes up.

Wisconsin Pet Care is the highest rated and highest awarded in home pet sitting and dog walking company in the entire state of Wisconsin. Please call 877-822-6926 for more information. If you are looking for a pet sitting service to go above and beyond, we are your company, but please, do not border on the absurd.

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