As pet care professionals, we do a lot of meet and greets with new clients, and each one has its own unique story. As dog walkers and professional pet sitters in Milwaukee, we love meeting new clients and being able to love and care for their pets.

But sometimes we come across situations that are break our hearts and give us pause. We want to help everyone who calls us but it impossible. And sometimes it’s impossible because it’s just too much for us to watch and see animals suffering.

Several of the warning signs that we see are:

• Too many animals for one home. One client who we visited had 12 animals in a 1200 square foot home. This family justified that the animals would be euthanized if they didn’t take the animals. The pets were relegated to specific rooms and only saw each room for their existence-right or wrong?
• Precious pets who should be at the bridge are kept around because “they haven’t told me that it’s time to go yet.” Pets who can’t toilet themselves any longer, who can no longer walk, who can no longer enjoy a quality of life are left in our care when parents go on vacation. (the LAST thing we want to do is to come into client’s home and find a dead animal. Its horrific and makes our jobs even harder.)
• An indoor dog! What the heck is an “indoor dog?” (it is like an indoor deer?) A dog who is never outdoors to walk, smell the trees, grass, have any sort of mental stimulation is kept inside, to toilet and live a happy life? Dogs need walks not only for exercise, but for mental enrichment and to relieve boredom. Dogs and cats are outdoor creatures, and in our humble opinion, should be taken out at least once daily for enrichment.
• Neglect. Poor food, poor living conditions, old, dried up smelly pee pads-laziness. Need I say more. It breaks our hearts. It makes us angry and it makes us want to report these people to animal welfare. But then, we look at it as we will be the highlight of their day-so we are happy to help.

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