As the cooler weather approaches, its time to shift our mindset to longer dog walks in the crisp air, doing a major fall cleanup and preparing our homes and lives for the colder months ahead.

Fall can be a time of lurking dangers for our pets, so we have some tips to share to help you get through the upcoming months:

  1. Be cautious of pesticides to kill rodents and engine coolant in and around your home. Rodenticides are highly toxic to all pets and can be potentially fatal if ingested. Engine coolant is also highly toxic, so, if you are changing it out, please clean it up immediately to avoid exposure to your pets.
  2. Make sure that backpacks are safely put away and that the contents of them are not in a pets reach. Toxic items can include markers, gummy bears, crayons and such items that seem absolutely harmless-they can cause tender tummies, stomach upset and vomiting.
  3. Mushrooms thrive in the cooler months and are deadly. Make sure that your feline and canine friends avoid these at all cost, and if exposed, go the local ER ASAP!
  4. Make sure your yard is free and clear of berries, old fruit, large piles of leaves, twigs, sticks and the like that could potentially poke your pets or ingest.

Dog Walking in Milwaukee Fall Tips

With these tips listed above, you can enjoy the brisk upcoming weather with your pets and make some extra snuggle time. My standard poodle LOVES to walk in the leaf piles because the concentrated aroma of fallen leaves is quite intoxicating. Always use caution-and keep your pets safety top of mind.