If you have ever stepped in dog poop, you’ll never forget the feeling and your reaction. I bet you let out a small scream, then followed it by a few choice curse words, and if you were wearing your best shoes, swore you’d heed precautions next time?

Welcome to the world of a professional dog walker!

Picking up your dog’s poop is not only common courtesy, but helpful for the environment.

pet sitter dog walker litter box


It attracts flies that will spread diseases. Poop could contain giardia, roundworms, salmonella or E. Coli which are parasites as well as filled with bacteria. Just one step in it could change something with your pet, or even you or your family!

But Dogs are not the only victims of contamination.

Cats instinctively pick out their feces when self cleaning their litter boxes. They want to removed the contaminants and sometimes even kick it out of the box just to “pre-clean” before you do. We’ve seen firsthand where cats kick feces outside the box and then accidentally kicked it out, only to be stepped on.

Always having a clean litter box is imperative not only for your home but for your sweet kitty. We recommend cleaning it daily for large debris and an overall cleaning every three days, minimum.

Remember…always have bags around of some sort whether it is special poop bags or a grocery bag. Far better to be prepared then leave behind a “gift” for someone to step in.


Thank You

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