We get a lot of calls for dog walking and pet sitting, and sadly, we can’t accept every client.

Now, I know this sounds odd, as we are in business to help care for animals, do dog walks and take care of pets. But, sadly we can’t accept everyone who calls us.


What we look for-and who is our ideal client:

  1. We want to make sure that your animal is going to be approachable and we’ll be able to put a leash, harness or collar on them. Not every dog is this, believe it or not. Some have stranger danger issues and will not allow us to approach them.
  2. Cats are unique individuals and not all are friendly. Some have attacked our sitters, and some have shown such aggression that we have had to go into homes with large cardboard shields in order to put food and water down, and to clean the cat litter boxes. Hiding and shy are fine, as are friendly. We welcome such clients!
  3. You only need us 1 time. We have a minimum to get started of 5 prepaid visits. That is our break even point to where we, as a business, start making money. As we are a for profit business, this is important to us to start growing and thriving.
  4. You have an attitude on the phone about about how we do business and how “expensive” we are. We don’t play “Lets Make a Deal.” We believe there is great value in what we do. IF you don’t agree, we aren’t a good fit!
  5. You want us to fill in for your friends and neighbors when they can’t come. This creates an opportunity to open up a whole can of liability. I’m sorry, but we just can’t do that!

Wisconsin Pet Care is the highest rated and highest awarded in home pet sitting and dog walking company in the entire state of Wisconsin. Please call 877-822-6926 for more information.

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