As a pet owner we always want what’s best for our dogs. Giving them a bone sounds like such a simple way to keep them busy and have clean teeth. Fact is, there are bones that pose more danger to pet dogs than good.

raw femur bone

Good bones that provide benefits such as foraging opportunities and clean teeth are the bottom leg bone of cows. They can be purchased from your local butcher shop and come with marrow inside and some meat on the outside. We call them “femur bones.”

The large portion of bone that comes inside a ham is also safe to give to your dog. Make sure it is larger than the dogs mouth and longer than his muzzle. Anything smaller can pose a choking hazard. Processed pig bones are an ever bigger no, no. Many dogs have gotten sick and some have lost their lives due to chemicals used in the processing and salmonella.

Chicken, steak, and ham steak bones are unsafe for dogs. Chicken and steak bones splinter and can cause damage to the GI tract such as scrapes or punctures in the intestines. Ham steak bones, the circles that are about 1/2 and inch thick can get caught on the lower jaw behind the K-9 teeth. This leads to a costly vet bill to have the bone cut off. It can also create enough pressure to break the lower jaw and teeth.

With these tips at hand you and your pet dog will be ready to enjoy the benefits of bones. If you are unsure as to what size is best for your dog your pet sitter will be happy to help.