How hiring a professional dog walker can improve your pet’s health and happiness!

By Katelyn Schutz, CPDT

Perhaps you have a long work day, and your busy lifestyle hinders you from walking your dog more often.  Or maybe you’re physically limited and need some extra help exercising your canine companion.  Whatever the reason may be, hiring a professional pet sitter to walk to your dog not only helps you, but it can do a world of good for your pet’s physical AND emotional health!

Many behavioral problems can arise when our pet dogs do not receive adequate physical and mental stimulation.  Our intelligent, social companions need daily enrichment, and when we do not provide enough of this, destructive and boredom behaviors can develop.  Inappropriate chewing and shredding is a common boredom reliever for some dogs, along with incessant barking or whining, and other frantic behaviors that tend to drive your nearby neighbors crazy.  Even more serious issues can develop, such as separation anxiety and self-induced trauma (excessively licking paws, chewing out own fur, etc) that may require veterinary and behavioral intervention.

So do what’s best for your pooch, and hire a professional dog walker to help alleviate some of your stress by providing a source of physical and mental “entertainment” for your furry friend!  Here are some of the many ways a professional pet sitter can improve your dog’s health and happiness:

A professional dog walk can improve your pet’s physical health through a consistent exercise regiment.  Have a pup who needs to shed a few extra pounds?  How about a canine who can’t seem to calm down without it’s daily walk to the park?  Your professional dog walker can provide the appropriate outlet and calorie-burning workout for your pet.  Just like us humans, dogs live longer, healthier lives when they are of ideal weight and exercise daily.  Let Wisconsin Pet Care help extend your canine companion’s life through our expert dog walking services!


A professional pet sitter can improve your dog’s emotional health through companionship.  Do you have a dog who becomes very stressed with your leave?  Or perhaps a fretful Fido who needs to work on some confidence building with strangers?  Not only will your dog benefit from the physical exercise your Wisconsin Pet Care sitter will provide, but your pet will be happy to have the companionship of a caring and compassionate professional pet sitter.  Your dog walker can decrease loneliness for your pup, and give him or her something to look forward to during your long days.  This can relieve anxiety and prevent destructive behaviors.  And that bond extends beyond the pets to our human clients as well!  The peace of mind you will find when a Wisconsin Pet Care sitter is caring for your furry family member will be priceless.

Don’t stress!  Hire Wisconsin Pet Care to “walk it off” for you!