As professional pet sitters and dog walkers, we care for your pets in a manner outlined in our thorough employee handbook. We are trained in pet first aid, CPR and how to administer fluids, pills, creams and other medications. We know what the first signs of distress are, and we know how to deal with them.


Does your neighbor or teenager down the street know the same?


Is your dogs or cats welfare worth saving $100 to $200? At what price is peace of mind?


We believe it is.


Lets think about this a minute. Friends, family and neighbors are people who you KNOW. But do you really know them? Having a beer with Jim and Jane next door and chatting over the fence is one thing, but giving them access to your babies and your home…. another story entirely! Have you done a professional nationwide background check on them? They seem nice, but do you really know what is behind that next-door neighbor? Wisconsin Pet Care LLC does not only a nationwide background check, but personality assessment testing and security interviews!

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One great example of a neighbor not knowing what to do is how to handle a medical emergency. A neighbor of mine boasts she is the neighborhood pet sitter, but has no idea of what bloat is, or looks like, or the warning signs. Yes, bloat is a unique situation, but wouldn’t YOU feel better knowing that someone caring for your pets KNOWS what to do?


Summer travel season is upon us. Do your research on the best option for your pets, not necessarily for your budget. After all, you wish to come home to a happy, healthy pet. I know it’s more expensive to hire a professional, but would you have a tile man do your plumbing?