Holiday Decor Warnings from your Milwaukee Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters

As we quickly approach the holidays, it’s important to keep your Milwaukee pets safe and secure. There are many things lurking around the house that may cause incident, so be proactive to help keep those dogs and cats safe!

  • Your Christmas Tree may be the highlight of the room but it could pose a threat to dogs and cats alike. Make sure the tree is properly secure so it doesn’t topple over, and avoid tinsel which can be ingested by your cat and cause stomach distress.
  • Mistletoe and Holly, if ingested, can cause some serious nausea and vomiting. Best to use an artificial holly or mistletoe even if it means forgoing excessive kisses! (you can get the kisses from your pet family!)
  • Keep wires for trees and lights securely grounded. A wire could cause a lethal shock to a paw, a battery could cause burns to the mouth and broken ornaments, if they are glass could cause cutting in your pet’s mouth and intestinal tract.

The holidays are a wonderful time to share with your pets, but better to be safe than sorry!

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Pets Safety for the Holidays in Milwaukee

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