At Wisconsin Pet Care we are going through challenging times. The challenge is something that most pet sitting businesses will never encounter. Its both good and bad and has its positives and negatives. But its real, it exists and is separating the dogs from the pups and the cats from the kittens.

We can’t find talent to hire. Ninety Five percent of our candidates don’t meet our strict hiring criteria.


What? You can’t find a pet sitter who wants to spend their days around dogs and cats, walking in the fresh air and the sunshine? You can’t find people who want to love animals all day instead of working in a cubicle?

Apparently not. 

Our hiring practices, dear reader, are so strict that you, so you, as a consumer can sleep at night. You have the benefit of knowing we have done the following to ensure that our sitters are trustworthy, honest and reliable.

  • Checked at least five professional references from past employers.
  • Done a NATIONAL criminal background check.
  • Done a 150 question PEP test which rates personality traits.
  • Had the potential candidate shadow our present team, inclusive of a CPDT who accesses and rates the sitter skills.
  • Had a professional, licensed personality expert interview them on everything from ethics to criminal behavior for any potential character flaws. If its not caught in the testing,its caught by facial expressions, body language and inconsistency with testing and application reviews.

If they don’t pass the above, we don’t hire, and if we don’t have staff, we can’t bring on new clients or even serve our present clients. If you call, potential client and hear “I’m sorry, we will need to put you on a waitlist” I apologize. We want to help you and love your furry kids, but we also want to be able to sleep at night so you can, too.

We invest time, love, sweat, money and ethics in what we do. We hope you will appreciate our strict hiring standards and understand WHY we do this and the costs associated it it.