This year has been a rough one for pet loss. Our professional pet sitting and dog walking business covers Waukesha, Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha counties and in every territory, we’ve felt tremendous loss. It is the most difficult part of the job as we bond so much to these dogs and cats and love them like our own.

Last week, a friend lost her dog and was asking how long I waited after my sweet Tucker passed to adopt my sweet but naughty Trixie. We waited a little over a month and while we weren’t intending on adopting so soon, (we wanted to wait until we moved) I was lonely without having a dog by my side. We fell in love with Trixie as soon as we met her and she needed a home.


I don’t think there is any set amount of time that you’re supposed to wait before bringing a new pet into your home. I know people that have waited anywhere from a single day to years. It really depends on your situation and when you are ready. One thing I will warn against is this: the new pet you bring home will not be the same as the pet you lost. Just like people, cats, dogs, and any other animal have their own personality and quirks. It isn’t fair to your new pet to be expected to be your missed pet, because they’re simply not.

So how do you know when you’re ready? That’s another thing that depends on your situation. One friend said she adopted her new dog because she was tired of being sad and it is impossible to be sad when her goofy guy is around. You know what kind of commitment having a pet is and when you’re ready to make that commitment, it’s time.

by Stephanie Lichner, Operations Manager for Wisconsin Pet Care