As professional pet sitters and dog walkers in the Racine, Kenosha, and Milwaukee area we like to place ourselves as a shining example of doing everything right. Pets are our first priority; their safety and wellness, their comfort and YOUR peace of mind.


Recently, its come to may attention that a competitor is doing just the opposite.


This dog walker is walking multiple dogs at the same time; using rough leash skills, yelling at the animals, and is either on the phone or smoking his cigarettes while walking the dogs “under” his care. To me, as a very contentious pet professional-this is diabolically wrong.


If you are looking for a professional, these are some things that you should be looking for:


1.     A dog walker who is insured and bonded, and pet first aid and cpr certified.

2.     Years in business over three years. Pet sitting is a high burn out business and if someone can weather the storm of the first two years, they should be set for life.

3.     Someone who only walks YOUR dog and your family of dogs at the same time. (Walks should never be combined UNLESS you have given sole and strict permission to the walker.)

4.     Someone who understands canine body language and knows how to read and understands it.

5.     Someone who always does the right thing. This may seem like common sense, but someone who is one the phone and smoking is not this person.

6.     An animal lover who, in his or her core puts your pets first and foremost. This means not being on the phone booking appointments and chatting. It means FOCUSING on your pet and your pets safety.


One of the best ways to find a responsible pet sitter or dog walker is to look on Angie’s List, Yelp, Google and to call present clients. Do NOT be afraid of asking a potential company for a list of references for their walkers, as, if they are as proud of the team as I am, they will be eager to share the love.


Lastly, trust your gut. If someone is giving you a song and dance-listen to the music. YOUR pets are your love, your life and your everything. A company such as Wisconsin Pet Care feels the same way, and will treat them as if they are our own.