Sadly, this past month has been a very dreary time for us at Wisconsin Pet Care. We lost many of our beloved pet sitting and dog walking clients. Many have succumbed to cancer; some have had the blessing of passing in their sleep. However it happened, we miss them and want to celebrate their lives and the time we had with them as their pet care providers.

Admittedly, I had a haircut yesterday during working hours. (I still answered the phones, however!) My hairstylist came into my world as a pet care and dog walking client. Regretfully, he hadn’t yet admitted to anyone that he had lost his girl over the weekend, and chose me to be the first person he shared the news of her passing. While he was clearly shaken and upset by her leaving this earth, he felt great about his decision to end her life so she spent zero time suffering. I applaud those who make this tough decision quickly. To me, it shows the upmost respect for our beloved friends, and frankly, why be selfish and postpone the inevitable? I know none of us wants to lose a loved one, especially your dog or cat…..but…


I asked him how he was functioning. When I lost my first dog I was in a fog for a good six months. He said he was relieved. While he loved her, she was always second or third fiddle, and at many times, a pest and a nuisance. She was great at being a bad dog. And the piece that got me was…”She was not MY DOG.” He now has freedom, he isn’t tied down to a schedule any longer and he can enjoy his life.

What does that mean to you? I asked him to explain it. He quoted Patricia McConnell, the world renowned animal behaviorist. She was giving a lecture that he attended, and she couldn’t speak as she was in shock, as she lost HER dog. The master of ceremonies asked her, you have many other dogs, what do you mean? She said the dog she lost was HER dog; the dog she was meant to have, the dog that was her live and her breath. I understand. I have such a dog myself.

You, dear reader, undoubtedly have such a dog or cat who, upon their passing will affect you so deeply that you will require time off, medication, counseling and other support related techniques. Why is this particular animal so special? How have they secured such a spot in your heart? How will you cope with the inevitable?