Introducing a cat to a new home can be upsetting for the entire family.  Just letting a new pet cat have full reign of your existing cats territory leads to unneeded stress for all your pet cats. By making preparations and allowing time for the new and existing cats to get know each other will go a long way towards creating a new relationship for them. professional cat sitting
  • Lay the foundation for introduction by making a safe space for the new cat.
  • Let the new cat feel cozy in the room and then let new and old cat smell each other through the door.A
  • After a few days, open the door a couple of inches. Let the new cat go at his own speed. Let the other cat into the cozy space.
  • Expect hissing. They are setting up hierarchy.

After the door has been fully opened, remove the second cat litter box (used by the new cat) and put it by the existing cats box.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact a professional pet sitter who specializes in pet behavior. They can help answer any cat related or pet sitting questions you may encounter.