As the owner of a dog walking company in Milwaukee, our team of dog walkers from Waukesha to Kenosha can all testify on what is the best way to walk a dog. Its not easy-many novices let the dog walk them! Bad Dog! Bad Pet Parent!

dog walking milwaukee

The tips for dog walking are:

1.    Have the proper equipment. This is either an Easy Walk Harness, a 4-6’ leash or another form or restraint. We do not suggest prong collars for pullers-they do more harm than good. We loathe Flexi-Leashes as the dog controls the walk, not you and you are just being lazy in training.

2.    Have control in your hand of the leash. This means its wrapped IN the handle and not just holding it.

3.    Control the pace, the walking speed and where the dog goes, not the other way around. Dogs who become the leaders, versus the followers sometimes have leash aggression issues, reactivity and pulling and lunging at other dogs or passersby.

4.    Keep your dog on the left side, close to your body, and teach them the “heel” position. (They do not extend past your gait)

5.    Carry high value treats to give your dog when you need to redirect behaviors, such as pulling, reactivity or even when going after squirrels.


As a dog walker myself, it is best to keep your dog close because you never can tell what can come around the corner. What if a dog attacks the dog you’re walking out of nowhere? Best to have complete control of your dog at all times.