This week I received a call from a dog walking and pet sitting client that gave me pause. While safe appliances are something we never give much thought to-after all, they are tested by reliable sources, but what would happen if these appliances that we know and trust fail us?

Our client shared with me that her kitchen nearly caught on fire due to a manufacturing defect. The appliance had been recalled, but in the sale from one condo owner to another, was overlooked, and not repaired/replaced. The appliance, a Viking dishwasher, literally caught on fire, burned the kitchen island and ruined the floor.


Our client has a senior dog, who, by the grace of G-d was safe, only because the owner happened to be there, and smelled the fire, and called for help.

Luckily, the client was home at the time. But imagine a pet owners worst nightmare of NOT being home, and the appliance, that we rely on, fails us in our absence. Imagine a clothes washer overflowing and flooding-our poor kitties swimming around a basement, or our beloved pets stuck in a fire, unable to escape or call for help?

This client also shared something with me that I feel is my duty to share with you. She will ONLY run appliance while she is home and where she can monitor her pets safety. I think its a good premise and process, but are we always that lucky? How about an air conditioner…how do we monitor that in the summer?

I hope this gives you something to think about and to make the best judgement call for yourself. We all want our pets to be safe, sound and in the best hands possible. Personally speaking, my worst nightmare would be my inability to save my beloved pets in a fire, flood or any other catastrophic instance! Perhaps running a check on recalled appliances is in order?