Never mind the month of March, it seems like this entire winter came in like a lamb and is leaving like a lion!  On the bright side, this is the weekend we “spring ahead”, and that naturally shifts our focus to warmer weather and longer days.  With Easter and “spring break” in the very near future, you may be planning a “cabin fever” escape.  We have talked before about the pros and cons of the different pet care services available to Fido while you are out, and we feel the personal touches that are provided by an in-home pet sitter far outweigh any other pet care option…but, truth be told, we’re not for everyone.  Who isn’t an ideal customer of an in-home pet sitter?


*Those pups who need to play with other pups (and humans) as much as possible.  If your dog is used to spending a large portion of his days in the hands of a doggy daycare, asking an in-home pet sitter to visit twice a day may not offer the stimulation he craves (causing undue anxiety, aggression and/or boredom).


*The pet parents looking for the “least expensive option”.  In home pet sitting will never be the cheapest option available to you.  There are clear reasons why, but perhaps those reasons are not important to some.  In the above example, your dog would be happy by the light of day when there are lots of other dogs and people to play with.  However, when night rolls around, your dog will be placed in a cage to sleep (in most facilities, there isn’t even an overnight “monitor” should your pup experience some anxiety in this situation) – the entire environment is certainly a stark difference from the cozy comforter on your own bed.


*If you don’t feel comfortable letting people you know into your home while you are away, you won’t be thrilled with us either.  We understand that everyone has a desire to protect their privacy.  We are a company that is bonded and insured, we have a tenured staff and we background screen each incoming applicant.  However, no matter how much we back up the quality of our services, some parents still feel like a pet sitter is only there to sort through their belongings or cause harm to their home. With Wisconsin Pet Care this couldn’t be further from the truth. We are there for your animals, not your belongings.


What makes businesses like Wisconsin Pet Care so great is that, to us, this isn’t just a “job”, it’s a calling.  We do what we do because we love pets.  We know that when you are gone, your pet needs all of those “special moments” that he has when you are there.  From kitties who require lots of playtime, to pups yearning for a stroll through the neighborhood, our pet care givers are there to give them the treatment they deserve – the treatment that you would give them.  (And perhaps even more!) We do not have time (or the desire) to look through your personal items.


So when people ask what it is that separates us from the average pet care service, I tell them:  If you are just looking for an inexpensive place to board your pet, any facility might do.  If you are looking for someone to sing your dog the “goodnight song” before he gets tucked into bed, you’ll want to choose Wisconsin Pet Care.


Tell us about some of your boarding stories!  Have you tried in home pet care or overnight boarding facilities?  How was your/your pet’s experience?