Many areas that we cover as professional in home pet sitters and dog walkers are not allowed to put up actual fences. This leaves the pet owner with three options-one, not putting up a fence and having your dogs on a tie out, not doing anything OR, using an Invisible Fence.

What is best for your dog?


As a dog walker, there is nothing more frightening to be walking by a home with a dog whose boundaries are with an Invisible Fence and a dog comes charging at the dogs I’m walking. As many of our dog walking clients suffer from reactivity and stranger danger issues, this can result on frantic behavior from our charges, and potential dislocated soldiers on the part of a dog walker. No one wants to be accosted by a dog at a boundary line and potentially have Rover jump over to greet the one on
your leash.

Invisible Fences are wonderful for those who use them properly, however, they can’t guarantee the safety of the animal who is using them. I have seen more than one time the ever present squirrel that a prey driven dog NEEDS to get and off goes after the squirrel, or whatever other animal is taunting them.  A good catch, at times, outweighs the zap and shock around the neck for the most driven of canines. UPS trucks, mail delivery and other temptations can cause your dog to go into a frenzy if given the chance.

Also, lets discuss what shock does psychologically to the dog. If a dog has a thick coat, the shock will only be felt 1/4 the amount on the dial and will not stop to get out and explore the world. Those suffering from aggression issues will see the perimeter as an opportunity to launch at passerbys…and those who have zero self confidence may even see the entire yard as problematic and associate the yard as a pain zone. Hound types of dogs will not stop if they are on a scent-shock or no shock-their drive is stronger than a few seconds of pain. Is this something you want for your pooch?

Bottom line….dogs need exercise, consistently, as well as mental stimulation. They need dog walks where they can get out and smell the world. While an Invisible Fence is great to let out your dog for a quick potty break, it should not replace a long walk filled with endless sniffing and sight. Know the dangers of am Invisible Fence before installing one. They take time, training and patience to have a successful outcome.