As pet sitters and dog walkers in Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha counties, we see a lot of our dogs and cat clients offering table scraps. Is this done out of guilt-from either the pet parent or the guilty look on your dogs face? Does your dog even place his head on the table while you are eating? OURS DOES!

Tell me this doesn’t look amazing and tempting:

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Studies show that only 41% of pet owners never give cats or dogs table food (Seymour, 2014). That means that 59% of pet owners are sharing food with their cats and dogs- leading them to obesity, digestive issues, becoming diabetic, or even death!

There are so many extra calories in human’s foods which include the following-and we often give our dogs and cats these as “snacks” or even let them lick the plate clean. (

1.    Milk

2.    Cooked Meat or Chicken bones

3.    Seasonings (onions, garlic, and chives)

4.    Fruits (avocados, grapes, and raisins)

5.    Beer, Wine, and Liquor (please do not try to get your dog drunk)

6.    Chocolate

7.    Yeast dough

8.    Nuts

9.    Artificial Sweeteners

Many of the above can pose a serious risk to your dog or cats health!

Milk is probably the number one liquid that owners like to feed their cats. However, because cats or dogs do not “come equipped with systems that inherently carry enough lactase (the enzyme that helps break down lactose)” (, any dairy products could cause digestive problems like diarrhea, food allergies, or an upset stomach.  And forget about the resulting smells….

Meat bones MUST be raw to have any sort of safety, and a femur bone is the best bone for your dog to eliminate tarter and keep their breath smelling clean and fresh. Cooked bones can splinter, and harm your dog. Seasonings can cause an animal to have “red blood cell damage, irritation in the gastrointestinal tract, or even liver damage” (

These are just some examples of unhealthy foods. Before you think of giving your pets table food, please think about the consequences would be to avoid any future problems. Dry, wet and most importantly raw dog and cat food that is supplied for only pets is what is best for them to stay healthy.


Seymour, Kristen (May 2014). Do you feed your pet from the table? We polled Readers & Veterinary Professionals. Retrieved from