Cleaning up when Living with Multiple Pets


We all love the fun we have with our pets, enjoying the time we spend with them, playing and petting and enjoying life. There are many ways they can also make our lives miserable, as they tend to make a mess out of things when you least expect it. Whether you have a cat, dog, pet squirrel or something else really doesn’t matter, as they will need cleaning done after them and care so they will avoid accidents. Muddy paws, scratch marks, furry furniture and other unmentionable problems can easily be something you will deal with, so you need to ensure you will take care of it without too much hassle involved. The following tips will give you ways you can deal with cleaning to make this chore a more manageable experience:


  • Keeping the damage to a minimum

Taking care of the hygiene of your pets is a first and major step toward keeping your home clean and great-looking. Taking care of your pets’ fur coats and giving them a good grooming every so often will keep the loose hair to a minimum, so consider that before you move forward with your cleaning efforts. Give them baths often enough to keep dander low and have them clean, healthy and happy. Lint rollers are an absolute must if you have any cats around your home, or long-haired dogs. This will keep your clothes and furniture clean and you will have far less to worry about when it comes to cleaning.


  • Pet hair removal

Removing pet hair can be an annoying and tenacious task, especially if you need to deal with carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. You can use a beater brush with your vacuum cleaner, but things will still need quite a bit of work if you’ve let the place go for a while. You can also make use of a pet rake while you groom your pets, which is essentially a nylon-bristle brush you’ve probably seen quite a few times already. It may also work on some carpets as well if you’re having difficulties cleaning. Pet shops will also often sell pet sponges, which are an excellent way of cleaning hair from carpets and fabrics. They will work well when cleaning harder to reach spots that need extra work to get things done and keep your house clean.


  • Pet stain removal

Removing pet urine stains will always be a pain, but it doesn’t really need to be that way. Use some water and cloth to dilute the spot as soon as you notice the spot happening. Mix in some white vinegar and water and you will have an excellent solution for cleaning such problems. The acid in the vinegar will help neutralize any smells and it will kill whatever makes the pet surprise so unpleasant, but without the use of harsh chemicals. If you believe that is not enough to get the job done, then you will have to deal with a different type of solution to make it happen. Using a bacteria digester will get it done, but you will need to make sure you follow the instructions closely; else you may have difficulties dealing with things in the long run. Pets tend to be territorial and most of their behavior is ingrained inside them, so chances are they may try to mark the same spots again and again. Using a bacteria digester may slow down such problems and neutralize them up to a point, but they will need time to work their magic. Saturate the area, follow the instructions and make it happen. If bad comes to worse, call up the services of professional cleaners to avoid making such spots a permanent fixture in your home.