This is a guest posting by our friends at Monkey Bar Storage Solutions…Stephanie Hyde

To your pets, the garage is a new terrain ready to be explored. For you, it’s a place to stack less frequently used and unsightly items. These two very different ideas of what the garage should be used for can create an unsafe environment for your furry friends. Chemicals and tools can be hazardous items. However, by following the few simple tips below, you can have to safe area for your pets to play in.


Sharp items: Simple items that help us with gardening and work around the home can be dangerous for small animals. Saws and other sharp items should be kept up off the ground, and away from paws. Wall hooks are a great way to keep these items securely organized and easily accessible, with the fear of harming animals.


Chemicals: Remember out of sight and out of mind. This old saying works for your animals as well. Chemicals that are potentially harmful should be kept in tubs or cabinets, and out of eyesight of pets. Keeping tubs on the floor can create a tempting chew toy for frequent chewers. Shelving and overhead storage are great ways to get harsh chemicals out of reach of your favorite animals.


Toys: Perhaps the items that animals are the most interested in with regards to the garage is their toys, food, and litter boxes. Ensure the safety of your furry friends by frequently checking dishes and food supplies to make sure chemicals and other animals haven’t gotten into them. Toys should be kept a safe distance from sharp, heavy, and dangerous objects. Litter boxes should be free from chemicals that may upset skin or stomachs of cats.


Piled Boxes: In an attempt to organize in a small space, many of us turn to pilling items. These items may be rubber tubs, boxes, or even tools. Such piles can create a potential, “beware of falling objects” zone if too high or bumped. Secure overhead storage with a lip to prevent items from falling is a great way to store these items without the risk of toppling over.


Ensuring the safety of all of your family, including pets, in the garage is very important. By using these tips you’ll have a safely organized area that’s fun for any furry friend.


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