As the owner of a dog walking and pet sitting company, I come across a variety of pet sitting questions and concerns. I usually start our conversations by asking the caller on the line their pets name. With this information, I can hone in on what the potential client needs and is looking for, and its nice to have a “connection” between me and my future clients-it helps establish the emotional connection.


Often times, when callers answer, I am completely amused. I’d like to take a moment to share with you the top five most unique names thus far for Wisconsin Pet Care, and their clients:

1. Roc Sauce- the dog

2. Snowpants- the cat

3. Mr. Spunky-a senior dog. I’m assuming at one time he was quite the wisenheimer.

4.Brutus-the bulldog

5. Professor Oak, the cat


Then of course we have the local baseball names. Wrigley, Cub, Miller, Brewer, Bascom and Bucky are all local favorites.

Top that off with liquor names. Guinness, Stout, Sprecher, Kugel and Whiskey. Makes one want to take a nip, sometimes?

Our most popular are:









As each pet is unique, each name needs to also be. Have fun when naming your next pet-and remember, the chances of that sticking are slim to none.