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As a pet sitter and dog walker, in my blogging, I try to post informational articles that help everyone, but today I’m writing for your help, dear reader. Maybe you know of a trick for both me and my dog, Rocket Ship.

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A little background on our dog Rocket Ship. We rescued him from Petfinder about 4 years ago. Our understanding was he was a puppy mill stud dog. “Ship” was afraid of everything and everyone, and when we got him home, it took him 2 months to even get near my husband. He took more of a shining to me, but it was still tenuous, and to this day, it still seems and feels like walking on eggshells. You see, Ship had no social skills and just about everything is fearful to him. As I write, the wind is gusting and that affects him. Rain, thunder, loud noises, fireworks, pots and pans, fans, bicycles, cars, car rides-they all set him into a frenzy. Last night we had thunderstorms, and he jumped into our bed, spent a good hour shaking and finally shook himself to sleep. Right now, we are doing demo on a 60 year old bathroom and he hears Armageddon. (and yes, I’ve tried Thundershirts, Essential oils, the Pet Acoustic cube, massage, you name it)

At times, I admit, I am bitter. I’m bitter that G-d put Ship in our path-I’m bitter that he can’t be normal and I can’t actually go and enjoy fireworks, or a good windstorm without being at home, consoling Ship.  I’m bitter that like most dog owners, can’t enjoy a walk without being on the constant look out for another dog or situation for him to react to. On the flip side, I can’t imagine my life without our “Ship-Show” because underneath it all, Ship is the happiest, most grateful and entertaining boy I’ve ever met. I love him so deeply that to me, he feels like a human child of mine that I constantly have to keep away from the bullys. If it weren’t for his sister, Little Bit, he would be a basket case, for which I am eternally grateful. She has shown him how to be a dog and he never leaves her sweet side. I also know that if we didn’t rescue Ship, he may not have been as lucky-and would have bounced around and around and eventually, possibly, run away or even worse, been hit by a car.

I’m curious. Do you, dear reader, have a similar experience with such a dog, and if so, how did you work around it? DO YOU have a puppy mill dog?