Our employees are the lifeblood of my business and our clients are the arteries which flow through it. We can’t have a pet sitting business without both. And both are important to sustain a happy, healthy and profitable business model.

Many clients become accustomed to one particular sitter, which is normal. The dog walkers develop relationships with the clients animals and the animals learn to trust and love them, and of course it goes without saying, look forward to their daily routine. But its physically impossible to sustain that. Why? Well, people have lives outside of pet sitting, they become ill, or they have life emergencies. Its truly unrealistic to except 24/7 service by just one person!

In hiring a company such as ours, you are guaranteed that you will always have a back up. Imagine that your “regular” sitter goes on a honeymoon or vacation. She’s unavailable. With us, we have many qualified back ups ready to serve and help. This is a huge advantage to you because we will always be able to serve your dog walking and pet sitting needs! One of our clients “Alex” said that “She adores the entire team of pet sitters and it also helps socialize her puppy with lots of different people. Noodle gets tot be loved by many ladies instead of one!”

My business is based on a team approach. What does this mean? It means that all of my sitters are equally capable to care for each clients dogs and cats, and all are equally trained to handle any and all emergencies. As we only hire the best, so you, Mrs. Client will have the best always-either it be Susie, Brenda, Abraham or Michael loving and caring for your pets.


Somehow, when a team member leaves, clients panic. Somehow they think that Susie won’t be able to walk Scruffy the same way that Brenda did. Many clients want to meet the new sitter to make sure they don’t have two heads or are perhaps part of the Charles Manson tribe. Mrs. Client, trust me on this. They are not a part of my award winning team by being part of a cult or being involved in wrong doing. We do rigorous background and personality testing so I can sleep at night. And yes, if you want to meet your new sitter, I need to schedule an appointment, and yes,¬†there will be a visit charge.

Another why? Contrary to popular belief, my business is a business. Somehow there is an association with animals being not for profit. While we want you to feel comfortable, my sitter needs to get in her car, come over, spend time with you, and she also gets paid for this because she is working. Yep. Its the law. I have to pay her. And if she gets paid, don’t you believe its reasonable that the company also gets something for this, too?

While we aim to provide the most wonderful dog walking and pet sitting in the entire Southeastern Wisconsin area, breath easy that your loved ones will be loved and cared for. Always. And forever. And by a variety of sitters and dog walkers who will absolutely adore your babies!