Many people ask me why I’ve devoted my life to helping animals, creating a dog walking and pet sitting business and working 7 days a week. I do it for the love of the animals and I enjoy helping people.


I could work in corporate again, surely. The market is so strong right now, I’m pretty much guessing that I could land another corporate job without much effort. Boomers are in high demand, as we have lots of skills that are attractive to employers-where we lack in technology, we have in socialization.

Something came across my radar today that stopped me and gave me pause. Here is the ad. It intrigued me because, many many times of late, I’ve thought it would be a hell of a lot easier working for someone else than having the two “skyscrapers” I have on my shoulders with running and maintaining a business.

Here is the ad:

 Looking for women w/pretty feet (Town Withheld- wi)
compensation: $25.00 per hour
Looking for women with pretty feet for foot worship. Get paid to have your pretty feet massaged and worshipped, nothing more. Experienced w/foot fetish preferred, but willing to train if you have the right qualities. Easy money, and fun!!! Also paying for well worn (scented shoes). If interested in the foot worship please reply with a pic of your feet and experience level. If interested in just selling your well worn (scented shoes) just email me.
do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

Now, one would think…hmm, kinky, weird, strange….me, I think differently. I think EASY. While this dude is massaging my feet, I can be coming up with marketing strategies, ways to make my 20% feel more important, where to find great talent, make a mental note of whose phone call I need to return, amongst many more things. This dude has a need, I have a solution.

Much like you, dear pet owner-you have a need-I have a solution. We’re here to help you-help you to make your life easier. We are here to walk your overweight winter packed on pounds pooch; here to brush the kitty who requires hours of love and care. And we do it because we are passionate about your pets, much like our friend is about feet.