How has your 2017 been for you and your pets!

What New Year’s Resolutions are you making for yourself that involve your cats and dogs?

Perhaps more activity for your dog-allowing him to go to the dog park and run free? Or, for your cat, perhaps more engaged play with a laser pointer or a leash to go outside?

Perhaps more mindful nutrition and wellness checks at the veterinarian? ( a healthy dog or cat is a happy dog or cat!) Help prolong your pets life by making sure they are getting the care and medications they may need from a professional veterinarian!

Resolutions that we have are the following:

  • More exercise with our dogs! A well exercised dog is a tired dog and a happier, content dog. While it may be bitter cold out, there is still opportunity for walking inside, and working on leash manners, which actually tucker out a dog as much as a walk!
  • More love to our animals. Do you set aside time to sit and pet your kitty, allow them lots of lap and love time and play stimulating mindful games with them, such as Da Bird, or a laser pointer?
  • More focus on pet nutrition and supplements. As our companion animals age, it’s important to keep up on their nutritional supplements, vitamins and high-quality pet food. We always recommend grain free, possibly limited diets, raw feeding and high quality wet food for cats. (Cats should limit their intake of dry food always)

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New Years resolutions for Pet owners in Milwaukee