Everyone loves a good story, especially when it refers to pet ownership.

As in home pet sitters and dog walkers, we come across a lot of requests that one day make downright titillating dinner party conversations. While we are happy to accommodate most common requests (plant watering, drapery openings and closing, trash to curb, mail in and out) many times we get requests that virtually leave us gob smacked.

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One such request came this week, and after 8 years of being a professional pet sitter, not much gives me pause. This such request inspired me to write about some odd things that have happened over the years for the pets we care for. You can’t make this stuff up. While each pet parent is unique, as is his dog or cat, this left me speechless.



The first one is the most horrific, and came from a client whom we had already parted company. Simply put, we don’t do crazy. She called us, after we had decided that she was no longer a good fit for us, and accused us of breaking and entering her home, and tying her cat wand into knots. (we had returned the keys already to her, so we had no way of getting in, nor would we) When she explained the situation to me, it was difficult for me to keep a straight face. Yes, we have time to break and enter, and then to knowingly tie your cat wand into knots. Yep. I didn’t know if she should call the police over this, or I should call for mental assistance.


The second, in a very different way, was equally as concerning. Client had cameras over her entire home, including guest bathrooms, so, when we went to use the powder room, we were also on camera. (we made sure we had empty bladders upon arrival) Client had us come 4 times a day, and at each time, would sit down and watch us do our job. Understood-over protective pet parent who wants to see what is going on. However, once the services were over, she would call me and yell at me that the sitter had placed the water bowl 2” to the normal spot and wanted us to return, because the dog would be stressed over his new spot.


The third one just came this week. Two separate clients wanted us to come over so they could show us what a rounded teaspoon of cat food looked like and the second wanted us to count out the kibble for her dog. I understand precision. And I also understand how to measure. We also understand that we will try to accommodate any such requests, but please, this is not our first rodeo, so to speak. We are professional pet sitters.


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