As spring has finally arrived, and wedding season quickly nipping at spring’s heels, its time to start planning what you’ll be doing with Fido during your busy wedding day. What about  your honeymoon and even his or her inclusion in wedding photos?

Wisconsin Pet Care is happy to help in all things wedding related. Need a dog walker or pet sitter while you are in Tahiti, drinking tropical libations with tiny umbrellas? Who will be walking Fido down the aisle with you? We can! How about pet taxi to and from the wedding to have Fido involved in the photos? Let us help you.

Pets are becoming more and more involved in daily life with us-not just as companions at home, but as dinner companions at restaurants. This wonderful article, from the New York Times clearly states that a “plus one” could clearly mean your dog versus a date you truly don’t want to bring.  And after all, wouldn’t  you rather spend time with your beloved cat or dog than a stodgy date?


Think about WPC in your wedding, honeymoon and beyond plans. We’re here to make your live easier.