Comparing dogs and cats is like comparing apples to oranges.  Last week we discussed some of the things a pet parent can do to help Fido ring in the New Year.  This week we will get a feline purrspective on the matter.

1)      Grooming – Your tabby is content giving herself a tongue bath while lounging in her favorite cat nap spot, but there are some matters of personal care that she can’t quite do herself.  For example, if the only time you give Ms. Kitty a nail clipping is when she sticks to the carpet, you could be setting her up for accidentally scratching herself or her favorite person.  From cleaning out her ears to brushing her teeth, she relies on you to help her be the cuddliest she can be.  Schedule these tasks on a calendar so they are easy to remember, or set up an appointment with your veterinarian (most of them will perform these services for a nominal fee).

2)      Feed Him Feline Specific-Prey Diet Food – If you are what you eat, then no one would want to be by-product kitten kibble.  A quality food will help your cat maintain his weight and keep him in optimum health.  Ideally, you will want to find a food that is as close to your cat’s natural diet as possible. Wisconsin Pet Care highly recommends a raw or homemade diet, and if this is unavailable, a grain free kibble. While we aren’t recommending mouse sacrifice, cats are carnivores.  As a general rule of thumb, canned cat foods should be 95% meat (greens and grains would make up the remaining 5%), and dry food should also be nutrient dense, grain free, listing meat as the first ingredients. Cats need to get 75% of their moisture from their food-does dry kibble accomplish this?

3)      Animal Instincts – A hunter by nature, your cat would love it if you made her “catch” her food (and there are many toys on the market that will allow you to feed her that way).  But even a few minutes of running your hand under the blanket in the morning, or some strategic cat wand play, can help her tap into this natural instinct.  She loves being your domestic bed stealer, but would be over-the-moon if you would play with her in a way that showcases her keen cat-skills.

4)      Play and Love – While cats and dogs do differ, this is one of their common grounds.  Some people forget that cats need playtime because they have a stereotype of being “independent”.  And, mostly, they are.  However, they still need a way to get rid of some of their pent-up energy.  Whether your cat prefers to climb on a cat tree or chase catnip mice, they need a daily pounce party.  As little as 10 minutes a day will ward off weight gain, aggression and other less-than-purrfect behaviors.

5)      Vet Care – Your cat probably doesn’t want to see this one on the list.  However, it is important for her to visit the vet once a year for a wellness exam.  Wisconsin Pet Care believes the only vaccine that should be given on a regular basis is rabies. To insure your cat is keeping her waistline in check, a feline health care professional is a vital component in the effort of overall pet wellness.

As the holiday season comes to a close, be sure to paws for a moment and think about all of the wonderful ways your pet enriches your life.  Here at Wisconsin Pet Care, we wish you and your four-legged friends a very Happy New Year!