As a professional dog walker and pet sitter in Racine, we have many opportunities to see pets-both cats and dogs. Many of our dog walking and pet sitting clients find our adventures interesting, so I thought I would share one of a recent dog walk this week.

Who-Truman and Winston-Standard Poodle boys and their little brother, Leon, a tabby cat.










Where-Racine, Wisconsin

Why-Their parents need us for a weeks worth of pet sitting while they enjoy their time in Bella Italia!

What made this such an incredible experience-these boys. All I can say is, these two poodle brothers, so much more than just being dogs are clowns! As a pet owner and a dog lover, we get to see so many different breeds of dogs, but the Standard Poodle takes the cake in being smart, funny, full of love, obedient and downright mischevous! During our visits, the dogs chased balls, tried to round up geese, went swimming in their very own creek and even met a swan.

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